TMA – 1.) Show Open: “The Cat” runs point

Where is Tim today, why isn’t the Captain’s Log sponsored, Lady Journalism gave Doug a cold, The Cat is enamored with the plucky spirit of the Cleveland Indians, Plowsy discusses the benefits of marijuana, would Plow Boy ever attempt to write comedy, Iggy wrote some jokes for Bob Costas once, Doug doesn’t know how to use the cough button, Iggy encountered a listener who was banned from the Fan Page for some reason, Plowsy went to Dollar Tree this weekend because there was a sale on hangers, are blue jeans more comfortable than a pant or slack, Iggy was binge watching The Tudors, comparing shrimp to prawns, how does The Cat do with driving the show, Doug was glad to see the Cubs win last night just because he wanted to watch more baseball this week, Iggy predicts that the Cubs will come back and win Games 6 and 7, Fun with Audio as Bill Murray sang Take Me Out the Ballgame as Daffy Duck for some reason, why won’t the Indians let Charlie Sheen throw out the first pitch as Ricky Vaughn, more World Series discussion, who is really hate-able on the Cubs, what does it mean to spoil a pitch, polling to see if MLB players can intentionally foul off pitches.