TMA – 1.) Show Open: “The Cat” is late

Surprisingly The Cat overslept today and we have to start the show without him, Travis Terrell and Audrey Dahlgren were wearing Doug’s coat yesterday, Plowsy is having a cinnamon roll and Vanilla Dr. Pepper to start his day, it’ll be a pony tonight at TMA Live which originates from The Post in Creve Coeur, Swope’s Picks has some impressive download numbers, we’re recruiting more porn stars for upcoming TMA Lives, Mike Lee joins the program, Doug has basketball coaching advice, discussion of our grandparents, Green Day was here in concert last night, is Bill Simmons TV show just a more expensive version of Sports Plus, Paul from the Wealthy Part of West County calls into the show, what will Tim feast on at The Post this evening, we’ll have a patio named after Doug outside our new studio.