TMA: 1.) Show Open: Live from the Jack Buck Golf Classic

Boys live from St Albans for The 47th Annual Jack Buck Golf Classic. Tim thinks they fit well with St Albans. Doug says only if no one see’s them. Doug wants to steal some patio furniture. Iggy filling in for Sea Monster. Doug has no clue Iggy host’s a show on another station. Holiday asked Cat who Deke Dotem is. Dotem wanted to meet Danny Mac. Doug reiterates, Dotem needs to stay suspended and has shown no remorse for his vileness. Nice St Louis crowd in Chicago. Nice win for the Cards last night. Tim was late for Saturday’s game and sat 3 rows behind Weaver’s family. Stanton out for Marlins, which benefits the Cards. Blackhawk fans come to St Louis looking to fight. Not so at Wrigley. Doug switches seats to get closer to Tim. Who would you want to start a possible Wild Card game. Doug wanders if there is a difference between Cards and Blues fans. Tim had a nice conversation with a cat sitting next to him at Wrigley. Doug tells Tim not to say Cat. It’s not a jazz club. St Albans is a course Doug would bring to it’s knees. Tim thinks TMA should go on the road more. Maybe an SEC Tour. Doug would like to take the Frozen Ante (sp). Tim hasn’t been to the Ozarks sine 94. Doug was there last weekend. Doug was too cheap to rent a boat, so they played golf instead. Doug hits his wedge about 145. Female anchors hot for the topless dude from Tonga. Doug wants to rub oil on female beach volleyball players. Swimmers robbed at gunpoint. Kids stealing purses in broad daylight. Sarah Spain tweeted that the Cubs played ” Smack my bitch up”, which makes no sense with Chapman part of their team. Dont know who thought that was a good idea, but we know it wasn’t Theo Epstein. @dontethedon is in charge of the music at Wrigley but he was off this weekend. When in doubt, play some Katrina and the Wave. Has Delaware turned out any ball players. Doug says nothing happens in Delaware.