TMA: 1.) Show Open: Live from Meadowbrook Country Club

The boys are on remote posted up at Meadowbrook Country Club for Pujols Charity Golf Tournament and Charlie is again filling in for Doug Vaughn, Tim left a bunch of Lemmings T-Shirts at home that he was planning on bringing to the country club, Charlie wants a donut but doesn’t want to be disrespectful by eating on air, Charlies fiance wants a Lemmings T-Shirt, Cat still speechless that Matt Holliday wore his Lemmings shirt in the clubhouse, Cardinals are trending downward after losing to the Braves, the pitching both starters and bullpen have been struggling the last month, Tim is very upset with his golf game over the weekend, listeners are very interested in golfing with Tim, Tim really wants to do the show from Chicago this week during the Cubs vs Cardinals series, who was the first person to coin the phrase “Free Dotem?” Cat would love the opportunity to ask some horrible questions to athletes during the Olympics, Cat gives Greg Garcia a birthday shoutout, Cat’s Fox Sports Midwest producer stops by the show.