Timberfake Shocks The World: The Video

Tim McKernan, Mon, 30 Apr 2012 06:00:00 GMT

Timberfake Shocks The World: The Video

SAUGET, IL – Outside of Larry Nickel and Timberfake himself, no one was expecting what hundreds of patriots witnessed Friday night at P.T.’s.

A train—literally—couldn’t stop Timberfake’s shocking upset victory over Producer Joe. Delayed for an hour because of a train stuck on the tracks between Route 3 and the entrance road to P.T.’s, the Main Event got underway after 1 a.m.

Despite the hour-long delay caused by the train and traffic that backed up all the way to The Poplar Street Bridge, the building was packed when Timberfake made his way to the ring to a chorus of boos.

Led by the South City rap duo Deuce, Timberfake’s appearance in the ring was expected to be brief by most observers. Despite the underdog status, he danced around like he owned the place, and that only pissed off the crowd more.

But, as the first few notes of Miley Cyrus’ The Climbplayed, boos turned to cheers as the champion, Producer Joe, made his way to the ring. With a look of determination and expectation, @ProdJoe climbed into the ring planning to finally silence the self-proclaimed #1PlayBaby.

When the bell rang, however, all the plans, all the promises, and all the shit-talking didn’t mean a thing.

Timberfake came to fight.

And, Timberfake made it clear within the first 15 seconds that he wasn’t going to be getting KO’d in the first round as promised.

By the end of the first of five two-minute rounds, everyone in attendance realized Producer Joe was in for a fight.

The two battled again in the second round with Timberfake looking to land the proverbial Lottery Punch,while Producer Joe came to the realization that not only was he not going to deliver on the first round KO, he may actually lose.

With most in attendance, including Producer Joe and his trainer, agreeing that Timberfake won the first round and the second round was a toss-up, Timberfake took another round in the third. This was the only round in which both fighters hit the mat, but instead of it being a knock down, Producer Joe threw Timberfake down, and Timberfake pulled @ProdJoe down. But, the round was Timberfake’s, as he landed numerous blows to the head of Producer Joe stunning him several times.

By the fourth round, it was clear both fighters were tired and getting beaten up. Producer Joe almost fell to the mat when he slipped, but once again, it was not a knock down. Both fighters landed some shots, but it was the fifth round that provided the most drama.

Knowing it was likely going to take a knockout for him to save face and win the fight, Producer Joe went balls to the wall in the fifth and final round. He landed shot after shot to both the face and body of a bloodied PlayBaby.

Timberfake was wobbly.

Timberfake was dazed.

Timberfake was on his last leg.

The knockout had gone from a promise, to a pipe dream, to a punch away.

But as the final seconds ticked off, Timberfake was able to hold on and avoid going down.

Producer Joe won the fifth round without question, but would it be enough to overcome his struggles in the early rounds?

The decision was in the judges’ hands.

While waiting for the judges to submit their scores to our official, in a Gladiator-esque moment, I asked the crowd who they thought won. And, this crowd, which previously had been pro-Prod Joe, voiced their support—shockingly—for Timberfake.

When our referee handed me the results, it confirmed the crowd’s opinion.

Timberfake had pulled off the upset.

The judges gave him the victory convincingly, with all three judges giving Timberfake the first four rounds and Producer Joe the final round.

The #1PlayBaby broke into some kind of a dance as the many people in his corner rushed to the ring to celebrate and taunt a humiliated Producer Joe.

None of you motherfuckers believed I could do it. I proved all y’all wrong,said the new champion.

And with that, The Showdown In Sauget came to a shocking conclusion.

Timberfake went from being called a pussy and being told he was going to be killed in the ring by Producer Joe to raising his arms in victory.

As fight promoter Rich Cappiello said about a certain night in Tokyo, Japan in February of 1990—perhaps the last time the boxing world was shocked this much—when James BusterDouglas KO’d Mike Tyson:

There are two things that were proven that night. One, never underestimate an opponent. Two, never believe that you are invincible as a fighter. Because, as you saw, anyone can be beaten.

And with that, we present to you video of The Showdown In Sauget shot and edited by Justin Boyd, Ben Fournier, and JoePro, and the call as heard on 590 The Fan KFNS provided by Iggy and the only man outside of Timberfake who saw this coming, Larry Nickel:

You can check out a picture gallery from the fight by clicking HERE.

Listen to Iggy and Larry Nickel’s full broadcast of the evening:

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