Thursday’s Show Synopsis……

Ben Boyd, Thu, 26 Jun 2008 15:46:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


Cat said he feels like he should be on the current road trip because of who the team is playing, but he is very happy he was at home watching on TV during the rain delay last night. He sent Dan McLaughlin a text asking how he was doing during the delay, and Dan sent back curse ridden texts that Cat could not repeat on the air.

shawn chacon of the houston astros has been indefinitely suspended after getting into a fight earlier this week with gm ed wade. chacon grabbed wade around his neck and slammed him to the ground in the cafeteria when wade was yelling at him……..john mozeliak is a fitness guy, and runs all the time. he does two sets of 50 reps of 50 pound dumbbells…..jim edmonds hit another home run last night. cat claims that he never thought jim edmonds was done, but tim thinks he is lying.

Tim contacted his guy at Lumiere about playing poker and practicing for the big tournament……Cat said Tim needs a coach who would deal him pocket aces so he can work on not getting too excited and try to bet constantly.

Tim bets not a lot of people watched the end of the Cardinals game last night because it ended so late. Tim thought it was going to be rained out……Albert Pujols said he will play today in the Post-Dispatch even though there is rain in the forecast. The guys talk about who should be sent down to Memphis when Pujols comes off the DL. It will probably be Nick Stavinoha, but the guys agree that it should be Chris Duncan because he isn’t hitting and he is bad defensively……Taking the Duncan name out of the equation, when Pujols comes back, Duncan will have to play the outfield which he doesn’t do well and he isn’t hitting so he should be sent down.


Jayson Stark:
Jayson said it is always an issue when a player is the son of a coach, but if you look at Chris Duncan objectively he is really just an extra player…..He should clearly be a DH… Stark just doesn’t see him as a 7 day a week player; he is a part time player…..Power buys you opportunities in baseball, and how he hit the ball the past 2 years has helped the Cardinals cut him slack…..Jim Edmonds looked like he was swinging underwater with the Padres, and everyone thought he was done. Then he goes to Chicago and got an opportunity to play in a smaller outfield and a better hitters’ park…..Stark said he thinks the Cubs are the best team in the league especially if they get Zambrano back and stay healthy. However, they are the Cubs and you have to play the game……Bobby Cox is in a league of his own when it comes to current managers, and Mike Scosia has been great with the Angels, but Tony LaRussa has to be in the conversation of the best managers….. Jayson loves Steve Kline even though he thinks his last name is Starks……Jayson thinks the Cardinals would be a good fit for Erik Bedard if they make a move.

Cat is going to miss the insideSTL happy hour at Maggie O’Brien’s today because he will be headed to Memphis……Producer Joe will be there for a little while, but has to go to a concert.

Steve Kline:
steve was sitting in his house in montreal this morning…..he is expecting a baby boy in 2 weeks. he has 2 girls already so he is excited to “have someone to kick around”……steve said he is retired, but if someone calls his agent he will go back and play……he doesn’t throw the baseball anymore because he is retired. he goes swimming with his kids now because it’s summertime……kline got kicked out of a game for the lehigh iron pigs when he bumped the umpire and said some choice words and was suspended for 7 games. the next day he was released and decided to retire….steve said that he doesn’t understand how people who never played the game can tell him how to pitch. they want everyone to throw as hard as possible, but they don’t realize how important movement on the ball can be……he said that some d-bag wasn’t playing attention and rammed him with a cart in a grocery store, and he wanted to take him outside and beat him…..steve kept saying he wanted to be a pitching coach, and he would love to do something with the cardinals. he also has been applying for college coaching jobs. he said he is ready to even coach college football…. he doesn’t want to work at a prison because if he had to tackle an 18 year-old his leg would probably fall off and gravy would come out……steve said maybe he will become a writer. “how do you spell i?”…..kline said that the last autograph he got was the commish—rick hummel. rick wouldn’t sign for him till he put him in a headlock……steve said that going to the world series in 2004 was the best memory for him as a cardinal…..he is looking forward to buying his 6 year-old daughter breast implants…….steve knows italians who are executives at casinos out in las vegas and said tim should meet up with them… said that steve should grow a mustache and get breast implants…..steve said he was happy to speak english with the guys because he hasn’t spoken english in months up in montreal……


Bernie Miklasz:
Bernie said it’s almost creepy how many shows are on the station and how many people come in and do shows on the weekend. One night Bernie was there late one night and some guy kept asking Bernie to come on his show and he was annoyed because he really had to finish his column…..Albert Pujols is coming back today and Bernie said he would be surprised if the Cards would send a pitcher down so it would come down to either Chris Duncan or Nick Stavinoha. It is very very likely they will send Stavinoha down because Duncan is picked on so much and apparently has a permanent spot on the roster ……Those who think they are doing Chris a service are really hurting him because they aren’t doing what they could to get him on track. They have no hesitation sending pitchers down and other players down when they are struggling, but they don’t want to move Duncan…..The left-handed relievers in the bullpen is a bigger issue…..You cannot let Ron Villone face right-handed batters, and Randy Flores has really been struggling….. Some managers just forgo having multiple lefties and just have a better right-handed pitcher instead of a struggling lefty……McClellan and Perez are examples of guys who can get left-handers out……Cat has been leaving money out on the console over the weekend……Someone put a post on Bernie’s press box that he hates Brent Stover, and Bernie posted “goodbye clown” and banned him from the Post-Dispatch forum…..Bernie said that on the show they were clearly joking around that Brent was a moron for saying Bon Jovi was the best band out of New Jersey, but this poster would have known they were joking if he had half of a brain.

brooke hogan doesn’t understand why people are making a big deal out of her dad hulk hogan rubbing her down with suntan lotion but the guys point out that it is pretty weird that he was rubbing it on her but when she was wearing her swimsuit…….the guys ask producer joe if he will rub down tim while they are in las vegas if he asks him to. joe said no and tim said what if he says please and joe said no.

Verne Troyer has a sex tape out and Producer Joe thinks that the new movie Love Guru sucks so the tape is out to gain some publicity for it……The guys question why that would make someone watch the movie and Joe said Paris Hilton’s sex tape made people watch The Simple Life.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Tim has leprosy…..The guys pretend that players like them and listen to the show…….The move would be for Cat and Doug to go to the Caribbean, get a 2 man raft and drink pina coladas while splashing their feet in the water……Steve Kline is possibly going to be Obama’s running mate according to Cat…..Tim would only grab a guy to fight if he was a small skinny guy…… Tim likes saying “iron pigs”…….Rudy said that Hrabosky would make Hungarian goulash with anyone he would get into a fight with……Edmonds actually sent a text to Timmy with only about 8 minutes left in the show to see if he could come on, but it was too late and the guys had to do the Ticket Guys Email of the Day contest…….Jim sent him another text saying they could do an interview after the game at 12:30 if Tim is still awake with LOL at the end of it…..Not only does Rich Gould play cards, but he is a grandmaster of all card games.