Thursday’s Show Synopsis…….

Ben Boyd, Thu, 19 Jun 2008 18:47:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


Today is the day for Producer Joe to wear the beret in the clubhouse.

Bo Hart and Tim McKernan were born on the same day. “Bodie” is his real name, and he is still playing ball in some independent league because Cat called him to see if Bo could fill-in on FSN.

Cat’s wife was at Lush last night for A-B doing a promotion, and the guys wonder if she found another man. Cat took a shot at Doug and said that there aren’t raccoons and baby giraffes at his house tempting his wife.

Cat wishes he had the money to afford unlimited wings and fries at Show-Me’s.

Jim Edmonds is blowing off Tim’s text messages. Originally he said he would pay the entrance fee for the poker tournament, and come on the show as a guest, but he is now not responding to texts at all.

the guys talk about how disappointed people in st. louis will be since tiger woods can’t play in the bmw tourney this year, and cat pictured himself becoming friends with tiger when he interviewed him…….tim said that iggy once got tiger on a local show, and it took a while to hear the story from iggy because he was outside smoking…… finally, iggy came back in, and he said that he pretended to be someone else when he called tiger’s mom and she gave him tiger’s cell number.

Mark McGwire hates Tiger Woods because he is friends with Billy Andrade and Tiger wouldn’t sign a golf ball for Billy…..Tiger owes Iggy a favor because back in 1998 he got Tiger an autographed Mark McGwire bat.

The guys talk about last night’s Cards game, and they said that Kansas City left fielder Jose Guillen won the game for the Royals with his defense and arm throwing runners out……Braden Looper pitched well last night—-2 outings in a row now, which is a big deal for him because he has fluctuated each start—great and then horrible and then great all year.


Joel Goldberg:
Someone blogged in Kansas City that Joel looked irritated when Cat was giving him a hard time. The guy said that Joel shoud’ve beat Cat out, and Doug said he could do it because of his big hands…….Joel established a good relationship with Albert Pujols when he was in St. Louis, and Cat is jealous of that……Joel said incase Albert is listening—-“Hi Albert, I love you.”……Pujols came on the Kansas City pre-game show last night…..One time Albert asked Joel if he wanted to buy his house in KC…..The guys think that Pujols likes Joel because he shook hands with him one time and realized how big his fingers are……Joel just works the baseball season so he will be off for around 6 months, and Doug said Joel could go down to Arkansas and soak his phalanges in the hot springs………The Royals are trying to develop their minor leagues because it isn’t where it should be with all the top draft picks they have had……The Royals are trying to change their losing culture.

Mike Shannon:
mike said that there has been great pitching by all 4 guys the past 2 games, and brad thompson just gets it done whichever way the team needs him……mike thinks that pitchers get hurt more often nowadays compared to the old days because the mound is lowered, pitchers are babied with pitch counts, and they aren’t ready physically or mentally…..mike always asks people “are you as tough as your grandfather?” and everyone says of course not, and mike said it’s because back in the day everything was tougher. mike thinks changes need to be made in the minors, and guys should have high pitch counts when they are throwing well……mike said that chris carpenter should shut it down and heal to be ready for 2009…..chris duncan has really performed in the past, and he needs to relax and be comfortable ………television runs baseball now, and they want to see the yankees vs. mets; cubs vs. white sox, etc., but mike thinks the other interleague games be abolished…….mike’s plan is to take care of today, and he will worry about tomorrow, tomorrow…..he usually gets 4 hours of sleep and takes naps throughout the day…….the doctor said to keep doing what he’s doing, and mike told his doctor that if he knew what he did everyday, he wouldn’t say that.


Ryan Ludwick:
ryan said it is a little early for him, but he has his starbucks and banana nut loaf in him and he is ready to go…..ludwick said that they have to accept the injuries as part of the game and play hard….he pointed out that other teams have to deal with injuries too, and the cubs may have lost carlos zambrano….ryan said that in the back of his head he always thought he could play at this level, but being considered for the all-star game is surreal. it’s really been a dream come true. everything is working out almost perfectly …..he said that the older you get in this game, you get less and less opportunities and he worried about never getting another shot when he was in the minors. he said he was very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time, and he enjoys coming to the ballpark everyday……it hurts not having albert in the lineup because he is on base half the time he comes up to the plate by either walking or hitting doubles or home runs…’s been tough not having wainwright, pujols, and molina…..ludwick said he doesn’t think about how much money he makes. he used to think about it a lot when he was younger, and he thinks that hurt his performance because he put too much pressure on himself…..he said that money is great, but he goes out and plays like everyday like it’s his last…..anytime you lose the first 2 games of a series, “it sucks.”…..ryan said they can salvage the series today but they know they can’t win the series…..they have a rough stretch coming up with the red sox and detroit but they have to play hard……

The guys talked about the Top 10 Cardinal Playoff Moments in this decade because FSN is going to have fans vote on the order of the moments: 

The 10 choices are: 

*2001 NLDS Matt Morris pitching performance
*2001 NLCS Edmonds HR in 12th
*2004 Edmonds catch
*2004 Rolen HR off Clemons
*Reggie Sanders’ grandslam
*Pujols HR off Lidge in Houston
*Taguchi HR 
*2006 Eckstein’s double
*2006 Wainwright striking out Inge to win World Series 
*2006 Molina HR and Wainwright striking out Carlos Beltran in New York

Tim said that the NLCS game 7 in 2006 against the Mets was one of the best game 7’s he’s ever seen.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug’s wife is not a furry……Suzanne Soranden is 61 years old and has claimed that she will move to Canada if John McCain is elected president…….The best person Joel has ever worked with is Cat…..Doug wants to get Joel some oven mitts as a parting gift…. The guys want to know why Tim doesn’t cook and clean and let his wife play in the poker tournament……..Cat said that Doug is bi-curious…..It will be a stretch for the show to crack the top 30 in ratings again……Everyone loves a slinky.