Thursday’s Show Synopsis……..

Ben Boyd, Thu, 12 Jun 2008 16:47:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


Jay Jr. fills in for the Cat again, and in the first segment they talk about the US Open starting today. St. Louisan Bob Gaus tees off this afternoon….Jay Jr. isn’t picking Tiger to win a Major for the first time in 10 years.

The guys talk about how great the Cardinals are playing without their best players….Jason LaRue, who hit a home run, loves that ballpark in Cincy. Braden Looper is so up and down with his performances….. The bullpen was able to relax last night and play Golden Tee because of Looper’s complete game shutout. Rick Ankiel and Ryan Ludwick also homered, and the Cards won 10-0.

Alfonso Soriano broke his left hand last night when he was hit by a pitch, and he will be out around 6 weeks……Maybe Jim Edmonds will play everyday now. Edmonds went 1-4 last night with 3 strikeouts and 4 texts.

texas rangers dh milton bradley left the club house after hearing a “mischaracterization” of himself on the radio play by play of a game in progress to confront the announcer ryan lefebvre… much would you pay to see a player march up 4 flights of stairs in his uniform and cleats and put the announcer in a headlock?……no one would mess with big irish mike shannon…..

Matt Strelo confirmed that Wayne Hagin took down a professional pitcher in the locker room one time…..Hagin is now a radio broadcaster for the Mets.

Tim is very emotional about the St. Gabriel picnic….He has been in the parade a few times…..The SLU High frowns on Tim for his pee pee talk but still asks him for his money.

Hulk Hogan was on Larry King, and things are a bit difficult in the Hogan household. His son Nick was behind the wheel in a horrific car crash that has his passenger in the hospital…..Brooke Hogan is upset that her mother Linda is dating someone 29 years younger than she is. Her mom’s boyfriend was a year younger than Brooke in school.
You couldn’t look much better than Christie Brinkley when you’re in your 50s……


tim explains the games, including chuck a luck, at a school picnic, and jay had no idea that they were like that……st. joan of arc is the south-side lumiere casino….tim is such a hoosier, he used to wake up on sundays and watch wrestling and then he would go bowling at st. mary magdalene catholic church.

Jim Cat Hayes:
Cat sounds like he just woke up, but says he has been awake for awhile because he was told he would be on the segment before this one…..Braden Looper will give you a really good outing, then a few that will be awful. It was surprising how well he pitched last night, especially throwing a complete game in under 100 pitches…..Looper is also hitting .385, which is remarkable. The guys talk about the Cards pitchers working on hitting in their extra time…..Yesterday at the ballpark seemed like any other game—it didn’t seem like the team was without Pujols, and everybody was upbeat. Cat said he credits LaRussa for his approach and getting the players ready to play no matter what……Ryan Ludwick’s All-Star bid is gaining momentum….Other guys in the clubhouse are amazed at what Ryan is doing. Ludwick said that he doesn’t look at his numbers and just tries to look forward, and he is happy that he is healthy……Cat thinks that Pujols won’t be back till after the All-Star game, and Mozeliak said he isn’t looking to make a move yet to get another bat in here. The team will do a reevaluation of Wainwright’s sprain next week and see how serious it is…..LaRussa said Pujols’ injury is better than it could’ve been, but it’s never good to be without your star…..Cat watched Mark Mulder’s side session from afar, and Dave Duncan and LaRussa were visibly excited about his performance….. Al Hrabosky showed the Cat the text he got from Jim Edmonds, and he actually got more than one. Jim also asked Al to say hi to Walt Jocketty for him.

Maxim’s 10 Worst Broadcaster list:

1. Chris Berman
2. Chip Caray
3. Joe Morgan
4. Dick Vitale
5. Bryant Gumbel
6. Bill Walton
7. Billy Packer
8. Mike Patrick
9. Walt Frazier
10. John Madden


Mitchell Boggs:
Mitchell Boggs joked that he has been awake for 4 hours already…..It helped him to get the relief appearance before making the start……Mitchell has not been to the 40 Watt Club—where REM started, which surprises Jay…..There’s nothing like going to a game between the hedges…..Boggs grew up a Georgia Bulldog….Mitchell has never liked using a comb—“it just seems to fall into place”……..He played football for a season at Tennessee Chattanooga….Mitchell is looking forward to facing the Phillies’ lineup, and he knows he is going to have to go out and do the best he can and do well with his opportunities…..It made it easier to adjust to the big leagues because there are so many young guys called up already….Boggs isn’t into hunting as much as the bullpen guys. Those guys are really into it.

Mark Carnevale:
1992 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year Mark Carnevale joined the guys and he thinks the winner of the US Open will come down to Tiger or Phil Mickelson, or Sergio Garcia…..The only difference between now and February is that the greens will be firmer. You really have to have control of your ball as you approach the fairway. Players have said that they think the USGA has done a great job of setting this course up…..Mark thinks that Tiger and Phil respect each other. They each have a drive to win, and they were paired before one other time in 2006….Mark isn’t sure if he likes how the top 3 in the world were paired together….This is the longest course in US Open history at 7643 yards, but that shouldn’t bother the guys…..They shaved down the front of the Par 5 Hole 18 so balls will be going into the drink if they aren’t hit very well onto the green.

manuel uribe of monterrey mexico who once weighed 1235 pounds, has lost about 550 pounds in the past 2 years using a steady diet. uribe has not been able to leave the house for 6 years….uribe says his weight problem started when he had moved to the united states years ago and ate a lot of candy and junk food.

The woman who claimed she had pictures of Oscar de LaHoya in lingerie has dropped her lawsuit against him since her pictures have been deemed fake by an expert.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Celebrity Circus was on last night and Wee man from Jack Ass was on the show…… It’s not a medical reason for the hoosier kid in class to be wearing shades…..When the Great Kabooki wrestler would spit his green mist in your eyes, your only hope was to flail your arms wildly trying to punch him but you couldn’t see him…..Cat said that LaRussa’s approach is to pretend Pujols is still in the lineup……Al Gore is in the mix to be Obama’s VP…..Cat got teary eyed talking about how much he misses the guys….. Producer Joe has probably ruined the hedges by passing out in them….It’s too early to make Michael Devlin jokes…..Tim gets a workout from Wii boxing at 5am