Thursday’s Show Synopsis………

Ben Boyd, Thu, 05 Jun 2008 16:05:00 GMT

Thursday's Show Synopsis


Manny Legace:
manny said that the doctor who performed surgery on his knee this summer found out a lot of stuff and did a great job in the operation. “my knee hasn’t felt better in the past five years.”…….detroit dominated every game manny watched. chris osgood didn’t have to dominate but just play well……once detroit gets a 2 goal lead other teams get demoralized….manny was at the cupcakery the other night……manny would rather live close to downtown so he’s close to games, and he doesn’t mind driving out to the mills for practice, but he said he doesn’t understand why they built a mall in the middle of nowhere…….manny made fun of cat for getting dropped off at the airport by his wife—manny said it was like cat was 5 years old……..manny said the blues have to make the playoffs this year, and there is no excuse to not make the playoffs every year…..manny said they didn’t get into the playoffs this year because the blues’ team was young and not really prepared to play a full season. they couldn’t score goals when they really needed one in games even though they were in almost every game they played…..manny asked the guys if they heard what tiger woods said about hockey—someone asked him about detroit or pittsburgh in the finals and tiger said next question, does anyone really watch hockey anymore?…..manny couldn’t believe that tiger said that, and legace said he would never say something bad about another sport.

Bernadette Peters has a hamstring injury and will likely not be able to play in the celebrity hockey game at ScotTrade in a couple weeks……Doug said he doesn’t know what different Mexican food is, and he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t know what to order……

Wally from Leave It to Beaver was on Martin’s show a couple weeks ago, and Iggy said he was a bad guest….Doug said that Wally had the best line in television when he went on a blind date and told the girl: “Gee you don’t sweat much for a fat girl.”


Doug caught another raccoon today. There were 3 of them on his roof yesterday looking at him saying “yeah, we’re up here what are you going to do about it?”….Tim wonders if Doug could shoot them, but Doug said he would probably just holes in his roof.

cat said he doesn’t understand why people at a resort in a different country go into the villages and take their lives into their own hands because he thinks they should just stay on the beach…..doug argues that people want to see other countries if they go there….there is a village in south america that has never had contact with the outside world, and a plane took pictures of the villagers shooting arrows at it as it flew over. there are people still living like this because of the weather according to doug. since it never gets cold, they don’t need to have clothes.

Dallas Drake:
dallas drake joined the guys without sleeping yet all night after winning the stanley cup. it’s been a hard road to get there, and he is real grateful more than anything else. dallas said he has never even been in the same room as the cup, and he was real excited to have lidstrom pass it to him on the ice….dallas drake has 10 or 11 fake teeth, and a lot of open wounds even though the guys couldn’t see them in the picture…..keith tkachuck and dallas have been playing phone tag since he won it, and he is one of dallas’ biggest supporters……it’s amazing how fast the playoffs go by……dallas said he is leaning towards retiring now because there is no better way to go out, but he isn’t officially making an announcement…..dallas said his family is going to go down to florida and relax and go to disney world, and he is going to have a libation in line for rides.

Doug doesn’t know why any professional athlete would quit on his own. He said that they would have to pull the jersey off of him.

Kelly Chase:
Kelly couldn’t be happier for Dallas, and he was great friends with him in St. Louis….For Dallas to get the Cup second shows how much respect the guys have for him, and Chaser said that if you look in the background it seemed that guys were laughing and slapping their knees at how excited Dallas was to hoist the Cup…..Kelly said that he knows that Dallas misses his family a lot, and since he is such a family man it really bothers him, but if Detroit asked Dallas to come back next year, he might come back. Dallas’ family lived about 3 hours away in Traverse City and his kids play hockey and Dallas missed a lot of games…..Kelly is impressed that he is the 3rd hockey guest on today…..There is no better test of attrition than the other night in the third overtime…. Chase said he doesn’t think there will be a guy walking around in 10 years who will be as sore as Dallas Drake for the way he played and left everything on the ice…..Chaser said Timmy sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire when he makes his voice real high.

Cat is a glutton….He leaves the station, goes for a run and doesn’t eat anything all day so he is famished and 12 tacos go down easy.

Joe Strauss:
joe allegedly respects the program… will only take about 5 minutes to clear the stadium between games of the double header because there are so few people at nationals’ stadium….joe said he hasn’t seen the kind of competition of the nationals in years……the nationals’ new stadium isn’t that great but busch isn’t that great either….the cardinals have had all their position players available all year till now with pujols and ankiel, and joe thinks they can compete with anyone when all their players are available…..mike parisi needs to show something because they have a lot of options in memphis who are pitching well…..joel pineiro’s injury shouldn’t be downplayed and his injury needs time to heal because it is a bigger concern than originally thought….. strauss said that anthony reyes should be traded if the cards don’t want to bring him up if parisi struggles…..strauss said he thinks chris duncan will be down in memphis for at least 2-3 weeks even if he starts hitting….joe mather is a good athlete and has been good defensively so far.

Iggy gave the guys a list of the titles of The Communards songs he has played so far: European Boy, The Man Machine, Junk, Need a Man Blues, That Perfect Boy.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat loves going to the CupCakery in the Central West End, and he said the move for him is the Gold Rush cupcake…….Joel Goldberg is having trouble holding a microphone out in Kansas City because his fingers are so big…..Doug said you can’t say licketty split when talking about trannys……The last time someone got hit and said, “Oww that smarts” was in 1903….Cat has never been pinched….Brett Hull calls Detroit—“Detoilet”…Tim was wondering what a Cantina was…..Rudy was sober today because he was hung over.