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Producer Joe, Thu, 24 Sep 2009 11:48:00 GMT

SEGMENT 1–Tim Has Either a Pimple or Spider Bite on His Neck, 33 in 3 Days, Jobs That Give You Grey Hair, Sports Talk Radio Is a Cheesy Way to Earn An Income, Why Go to College, Good Times at KOMU for Tim But Not for Doug, Some of the Most Sexual Girls Work In Television, Charlie Is Curious About the Hot Women In Radio, and Doug Just Wants a Post-Op Tranny—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 2–Can a Straight Guy Have This On In a Car, What Is There to Really Talk About In Last Night’s Cardinal Game, Bud Norris Has Had His Way with the Cardinals this Season, Smoltz Looked Really Good Though, Still an Uneasy Feeling with the Closer Situation Going Into the Playoffs, Doug Still Doesn’t Think This Is the Best Cardinal Team He Has Seen, and the Surprising Amount of Games In Which the Offense Does Nothing—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 3–’s Pat Forde Joins the Show to Talk About the Mizzou Match-Up with Nevada Tomorrow Night, His Thoughts on Seeing Blaine Gabbert Through 3 Games, Does Getting Some National Exposure Increase the Chance of Shooting Up In the Rankings, Thinks Mizzou Gets Past Nebraska This Season, Doesn’t Understand the Nebraska Hype This Season, Florida Has Lost Some Weapons From Last Year on Offense, and How Does Texas Look This Season In His Opinion—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 4–We Are Close to a National Radio Deal Where We Can Drop F-Bombs, Giving the F-Word More Power Than It Deserves, There Are Some Problems Brewing at the University of Kansas Between the Football and Basketball Teams, This All Stems From Big Wilt, Twitter and Facebook Once Again a Part of the Problem, the Tigers Mocking the Fun & Games a Bit, Doug Has Never Been to Lawrence, Doug Is Shocked to Learn That There Is Cocaine In Columbia, and Doug Didn’t See A Lot of Pot In His Days at Mizzou—CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


SEGMENT 6– Mike Ditka joins the show —CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 7– Bill DeWitt joins the show —CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SEGMENT 7– Ticket Guys Email of the Day —CLICK HERE TO LISTEN