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Producer Joe, Thu, 05 Feb 2009 13:37:00 GMT


segment 1–looking to dazzle and inform, the cat couldn’t stay awake for the entire mizzou game last night, mizzou hadn’t won in texas since 1999, college basketball has the greatest home court advantage, the crowd at slu is 73 years old, getting the nicknames for the a-10 teams,and random question thursday becomes a hit—click here to listen






segment 2–during the cat’s time off of the other show tim would play two hours of american idol talk, throat hole was on channel 11 the other night, tim used to have countdowns to commercial breaks, and shaq and espn are in trouble with glaad—click here to listen






segment 3–the didn’t think semi-pro was funny in the theatres but watched it again last night and liked it more, something about snl cast members movies, jealousy in news rooms, doug continues his muny commercials, and joe buck may be in the running for replacing bob costas at hbo—click here to listen






segment 4-blues goaltender chris mason joins the show to talk about his hot stretch in goal, the spa treatment has changed his play, talking about getting his nose hair ripped, would rather take a one-timer to the body than have nose hair ripped out again, what parts of his body get exposed during a game, and are guys in the room talking about the playoff chances—click here to listen






segment 5–looking at the schedule ahead for mizzou, cbs sportline has mizzou currently as a 7 seed in the ncaa tournament, doug says that fries are measured by their yield, and things are looking good for mizzou getting into the big dance—click here to listen






segment 6–jeff luhnow joins the show to tell the cat that everything is going to be ok, third base is going to be a good competition, what to expect from guys who will be challenging from memphis, players making the step up to major league pitching, mather at third and skip at second, where will brett wallace figure in, and if carp is not ready to go what happens with the 5th spot in the rotation—click here to listen






segment 7–chris gervino joins the program to talk about last nights win at texas, a big big victory for the tigers, mike anderson is not going to leave for the alabama job at this point, free throws were a concern again, what concerns does he have going forward with this basketball team, and has the team used the fact that they are unranked as motivation—click here to listen






segment 8–the ticket guys email of the day—click here to listen