#ThrowbackThursday: Big Al Gets Kicked Out of AT&T Park in San Francisco

Brendan Marks, Thu, 30 Oct 2014 17:57:00 GMT

we here at insidestl.com love listening to classic moments on the ryan kelley morning after. and every week, “throwback thursday” gives us an excuse to do just that.

Today, we go back to Oct. 24, 2012, when frequent-caller Big Al buzzed in and told a story about being kicked out of San Francisco’s AT&T Park during the NLCS after a lady named Mildred Cummings complained about him.

He then allegedly proceeded to punch a person in the face.

The story is absurd and to this day we don’t know if it’s true. But it sure made for some radio gold. Jump to the 18:40-mark for Big Al’s story. The Morning After crew shared their thoughts about his story in the next segment and we’ve included that as well.

Big Al Tells Mildred Cummings Story

Tim, Jim and Doug Reflect on Big Al’s Story