The Zydeko Blues Friday Exit Poll: Wacha or Martinez, Concession Stand Items and On-Air Bloopers

Brendan Marks, Fri, 12 Jun 2015 15:14:00 GMT

every friday, we select listener-submitted questions to ask the hosts of the ryan kelley morning after. this tradition is known as the zydeko blues friday exit poll. you can listen to the latest edition here (jump to the 8:50 mark), or read the typed-out answers below.

The Exit Poll on The Morning After

Can only keep one: Martinez or Wacha

Charlie: Michael Wacha
The Cat: Might go with Michael Wacha
Doug: First thought was Michael Wacha, but with shoulder issue…going with Carlos Martinez

What’s your favorite Busch Stadium concession stand item?

Charlie: Baseball helmet of ice cream
The Cat: Would like to try the giant helmet of nachos
Doug: One of those big pretzels…keep a little bit of salt and no cheese

If you went trans-gender what would you choose as your name?

Charlie: Take the ‘H’ out of “Charlie and go with Carlie
The Cat: Quick change from James to Jamie
Doug: They’d call me ‘Dot’, but will stick with Doug

Biggest blooper you’ve made on TV?

Charlie: At first job, forgot what he was going say, so read script word for word…also once said “college poops” instead of “college hoops”
The Cat: So many…interviewing So Taguchi; You’re with a guy that doesn’t know the language. What are you supposed to do? Nod? Bow?
Doug: Once said the ‘S’ word while talking about golf. I was talking about Lee Trevino and meant to say ‘Shots.’

If you had to live the rest of your life in another country, which country would you choose, and why?

Charlie: Some place exotic…somewhere in the Carribean
The Cat: Really likes the United States of America, so somewhere close to the USA. I like what we have here.
Doug: Vancouver aka Canada…maybe Australia

Your favorite place to take a constitutional?

Charlie: Brentwood Forrest
The Cat: His neighborhood
Doug: His neighborhood