Hochman discusses Blues press conference on Hitchcock firing

St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist, Benjamin Hochman, covered the Blues press conference officially announcing the dismissal of Ken Hitchcock and promotion of Mike Yeo.

Hochman joined The Writers’ Block to give his take on the news. Read some quotes and listen to the full interview below:

Who do you think is the most to blame for Hitchcock’s firing?

“It’s funny that Hitch is the one out when you could easily make the case it should be Armstrong that’s out…and you look at the play of the players…I loved the quote Armstrong used today that there’s a bunch of ‘independent contractors’ skating around there. It’s almost like a chicken and the egg thing. Needless to say, it wasn’t as simple as the coach stinks so let’s get rid of him.”

Do you think having a head coach in waiting hurt the situation?

“You can definitely make that argument. On paper, you want to say everything should work out just fine. It’s clear that Hitchcock has a past and history of clashing with players and they kind of tone him out. The difference in this scenario…is that the new coach was right there in the room also.”

On Armstrong crying at the news conference:

“I was definitely surprised and felt awkward and comfortable sitting there in front of Doug Armstrong as he basically started crying…about having to fire a good friend.”