Jeff Gordon talks Blues’ playoff chances, Yeo’s future, Agostino’s debut

St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Jeff Gordon joined The Writers’ Block on Tuesday to discuss some Blues topics.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

What do you make of the Blues right now?

“I think they can edge into the playoffs. That would be a realistic goal because the last several teams are all flawed getting into the bracket. I don’t see this team going very far, of course the Fabbri injury is one more major blow. Unless your goaltender (Jake Allen) gets hot, and he’s been everything but. But (Mike Yeo) has a chance to fire up the group…and figure out the path of the next stage.”

On the Blues’ win over the Flyers:

“They had great structure, they checked very well and really smothered a frustrated Flyers team. And then there was a little fight to the group. I think the honeymoon is ongoing with Yeo and the guys are at least willing to apply themselves.”

On how Mike Yeo is under the microscope:

“The question becomes, which Yeo are you gonna get, the one that inspired the Wild to go crazy and knock the Blues out and take a good run a couple years ago or the one who got tuned out by his team (and fired). At one point, even Ken Hitchcock (was telling people Yeo is too intense and needs to scale it back). The question is is he going to wear them down the way he wore the Wild down?”