The Tim McKernan Show – Ep. 89: Bob McCulloch

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney since 1991 joined Tim in studio to discuss his career, memorable cases, plus desire to earn an 8th term in 2018…


  • Growing up in North St. Louis & family history in Law Enforcement
  • What influence did Bob’s father ultimately have on his career choices
  • Challenge of facing bone cancer as a 17 year-old High School student
  • The path that led Bob to succeed Buzz Westfall as County Prosecutor
  • Infamous Axl Rose incident at Riverport plus his run from authorities
  • Background on the Jack in the Box case and his comments from 2000
  • Role of the Prosecutor and Grand Jury during Ferguson investigations
  • His response to claim that Michael Brown was shot with his hands up
  • Why were there calls for Bob to recuse himself from the Wilson case
  • Did he realize the magnitude of his press conference on 11-24-2014
  • How has Ferguson shaped the perception of STL around the country
  • The role body-cams and dash-cams will play in the future of policing
  • Impact of the Drug Court and Diversion Program in St. Louis County


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