The Tim McKernan Show – Ep. 77: Mark Mantovani

The St. Louis native and former Ansira CEO left his business to study at Harvard in 2016, and he’s now a Democratic candidate for St. Louis County Executive…


  • Mark’s unique background with practicing law and business
  • How he became board chairman of the Downtown Partnership
  • Why progress tends to cannibalize itself in Downtown STL
  • What led this 63 year-old man to run for County Executive
  • Why has St. Louis been in decline since at least the 1940’s
  • How local government in STL is viewed in Harvard circles
  • Mark’s view on how the city and county could be affiliated
  • Is it practical to merge the county’s 90 or so municipalities
  • What role has racism played in stunting prosperity in STL
  • Importance of keeping and attracting young professionals
  • Why the county should’ve been involved with MLS effort
  • Thoughts on the upcoming election versus Steve Stenger


For more information on Mark and his campaign, visit


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