The Tim McKernan Show – Ep. 59: Gene McNary

The former St. Louis County Executive and INS Commissioner joined Tim in January 2018 to discuss his career, immigration, and shaping St. Louis’ future.


  • Comparing immigration issues today to George H.W. Bush era
  • Scenario in which Mexico could actually pay for a border wall
  • The lack of objectivity in modern print & television journalism
  • Paradigm shift that Trump took advantage of in the ‘16 election
  • How will Trump’s manner impact his Presidential effectiveness
  • Why Gene is at Wash U studying genetics and Medieval history
  • His proposal which would create 9 boroughs in greater St. Louis
  • The efforts he undertook to save the St. Louis Football Cardinals
  • How the County was almost awarded an NBA team in Riverport
  • The important role Steve Stenger plays in regional unification
  • How likely is a City & County merger of some sort in 10 years


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