The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 258 – QFTA

On this week’s episode of Questions From The Audience, Tim answers questions from the TMA Fan Page and his email at


Questions include:

-Why are you against anonymity on twitter?

-What are your thoughts on interleague play?

-How do you feel about the atmosphere at Busch?

-How did high school help you develop your critical thinking skills?

-Do you agree with the assessment that Donnybrook sounds like its voice is from Chesterfield?

-Have you considered a political round table style podcast?

-What are differences between the Fan Pin and the old insideSTL message board?

-Would you finish your degree?

-Would you like to be on Donnybrook?

-What’s the future hold for after TMA?

-What is the process for booking guests on the podcast?

-Is there someone that has a bad reputation that doesn’t deserve it or vice versa?

-Who would you pick to be President?

-Would you put the social media genie back in the bottle?

-What is your biggest regret in the industry?


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