The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 235 – QFTA

On this week’s episode of Questions From The Audience, Tim answers questions from the TMA Fan Page and his email.

-Impact of Stanley Cup Championship on St. Louis?

-What historical game do you wish you could have called?

-Dream interview for the podcast?

-What would you ask Kroenke if he was on the podcast?

-Will you do a Lisa Ann podcast?

-Does Plowsy’s open talk of smoking weed ever cause problems?

-What would ideal STL Mayor look like?

-Who would you like to see go unhinged on Twitter?

-When will your son cop a new pair of J’s, B?

-Thoughts on the region now that Better Together is defunct?

-Opinion on private v. public education?

-Who is your entrepreneurial idol and what would you ask that person?

-Favorite sports team of all-time?

-WTF is wrong with the Cardinals?

-Why did you feel the Blues had a chance to win it all so early?



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