Bleacher Report’s Reid Forgrave talks upset watch and tournament favorites

Reid Forgrave of Bleacher Report joined The Hollywood Casino Pressbox to discuss the NCAA Tournament and which favorites will win and which cinderella’s will pull off the upset.

Read some of the excerpts and listen to entire the interview below.

How do you pick your upsets?

“I think 12-5 is always the game where you have to pick at least one upset. I think there’s only been something like one in the past nine years where that hasn’t happened. That’s usually where the best mid-majors are slotted around the five seed.”

What team are you watching to make a deep run?

“This year my upset special that’s burned me the past few years is still Iowa State. They have a great point guard in Monte Morris and then they have Deonte Burton, who can be the best player on the floor, no matter who they’re playing.”

“I’m a firm believer of filling out one bracket and then using that for all of them. Fill out one, put it in all your pools, and have some integrity man!”

I’m looking for a reason to pick against Kansas, can you give me a reason to knock them out early? 

“I think Kansas has one of the toughest roads to get to the Elite Eight. In theory they’d have to go against Michigan State, Iowa State or Purdue, with one of the biggest men in the country. Then in theory they’d have to play Louisville. Louisville always plays awesome defense, especially their guards. Frank Mason is good for Kansas, but I think he puts too much burden on his shoulders and tries to play hero ball.”

What is your take on the seeding of mid-majors? 

“That’s my biggest critique of the committee, the seeding of mid-majors. Wichita State as a 10-seed is ridiculous, they’re at least a six-seed if not better. They’re a top-ten team in the nation. I do hope that changes moving forward when they use more advanced metrics.”