“The Morning After” Email of the Day (4/8/16)

2015 Cardinals Home Opener
2015 Cardinals Home Opener

Matt Who Bowls at Hanks won Friday’s Email of the Day for the below letter to the boys.

FB Messages – revised

To start, let’s do the Facebook *ping* to get the full effect:

Hey sir,

I hear by the tone of your voice you’re burnt out. You sound awful and like you just don’t give a damn. I’m sure with the move and all the other business you have to deal with it’s a lot. Here is the part where I tell you I can relate because my district is short staffed. I am subtly working in the fact that I am in a position of power. I’m management material, bitch. Cut from executive timber, just like you, Tim.

Keep your head up, hopefully in the future we can be best friends. #tribbing (hahahaha, that’s funny because that’s something you do!)

Also, I wonder if anyone you know would have Opening Day tickets? Boy I really, REALLY, wonder if anyone you know has access to some Blues Playoffs tickets. That would be really cool.

-Matt who bowls at Hanks

PS – Better find an alternate route out of there, Bestal is waiting in the parking lot in hopes of cornering one of you into lunch.

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