“The Morning After” Email of the Day (4/18/16)

Mumford and Sons

“Misty Plops” won the Email of the Day again Monday, tying “Cucky the Dwarf” with his fourth victory in April.

Read it and listen below.

Guys, Plops here…

Went to that Mumford and Sons concert on Saturday.  Gotta say….lots of whites.  Wow.  LOT of whites!  Good amount of lesbos as well.  And I’m not talking about the kind of lesbians you’d see on brazzers.com…I’m talking the kind you see on the side of the rode in orange vests holding stop signs under the employ of MODOT.  Seriously, size 12 new balance cross trainers, khaki cargo shorts down to the shins, a bluetooth in the ear and a pack of winstons in the shirt pocket.  Real “Pull My Finger” types of broads, but I’m not choosy.  I made a move on one of em outside the bathroom.  She looked a little like Jane Fonda and a lot like Bushwacker Luke.  I woo’d her with one of my classic pick up lines.  I said “Hey…you just poop?”.  If she says YES you know it’s game on.  She said yes so I dropped my follow up on her…”I’m a certified wipe inspector and rumor has it you tend to be careless”.  As usual, it worked and we ducked behind that portable mexican food kiosk where she painted my chest with nacho cheese, then put me in a headscissors until I lost consciousness.  Heck of a damn concert.


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