The Cat Chat Podcast – Ep. 28: Joe Kelly

NOTE:  This interview was recorded in Spring Training, before the Yankees and Red Sox broke out into fisticuffs on April 11, 2018.

The former Cardinals and current Red Sox pitcher has a sense of humor not seen since the likes of Sinbad, and he joins The Cat for a wide ranging conversation…


  • Discussing the decision to name his son ‘Knox’
  • What led to Joe’s success during the ‘17 season
  • How he keeps things loose in the Red Sox ‘pen
  • Ambushing an interview with Nelly on FSMW
  • Inception of Joe’s new Jim Buchanan character
  • What does Joe miss about playing in St. Louis
  • Reacting to the Yankees impressive offseason
  • Comparing that rivalry to Cardinals vs. Cubs
  • Grading regional cable’s performance in STL


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