The Cat Chat Podcast – Ep. 27: Keith Hernandez

Keith is perhaps known best for his Mets playing and broadcast career plus Seinfeld cameo, but he won both a World Series and MVP Award with the Cardinals.  Keith’s new memoir covers much of his career in STL, and he discusses that plus much more with esteemed podcast reporter Jim Hayes.


  • The impetus for his 5th book and why it’s so Cardinal-centric
  • Recounting his notable 1979 and 1982 seasons with St. Louis
  • Why he enjoys Cardinal uniforms, but with a notable critique
  • How did the Seinfeld appearance impact his overall notoriety
  • That time Bob Gibson took issue w/ Keith’s record collection
  • Why his cat Hadji has become a celebrity via Keith’s Twitter
  • What’s led to him having such a lengthy career as an analyst


Get your copy of Keith’s memoir I’m Keith Hernandez today:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch


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