The Cat Chat Podcast – Ep. 19: Trevor Rosenthal

The former Cardinals closer and current Free Agent joined The Cat in studio during January to discuss his recovery, future in baseball, and living in STL.


  • Does it feel odd to live in St. Louis still and not be a Cardinal
  • What kind of conversations were had before Mo released him
  • What’s the timetable for potentially signing with a new team
  • Does he have any doubts that he’ll eventually be back to 100%
  • When did it become clear to Trevor that his injury was serious
  • Expectations for the closer market during the next off-season
  • Interest level in being a starter & what makes an effective closer
  • Dealing with blown saves and media’s unique interest in them
  • How did Trevor become such an expert at piloting his drones
  • Family Fun in St. Louis and his updated incognito appearance


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