Swope’s Picks: Episode 5 – Ask Tony

We flash back to 2005 for Ask Tony…Stamos rumors at 2nd base. He’s got a gun, but what kind of message is that going to send to a guy like Bo Hart? Tony was in the Chris Isaak video with Helena Christensen…behind the palm trees? Tony plays Frogger in the offseason to stay sharp. Tony reads some of his poetry. First time clinchers need to watch their booze consumption, multiple clinchers do the beer bong. Did Fernando Tatis have the same admiration for Cox? Tim takes the old dirt road every once in a while, the old mud island ferry. Yadi is going to make fans forget about Tom Nieto. Tony wanted Difelice to take down final number at Busch Stadium. Rudy remembers ’82. Martin Kilcoyne joins to reminisce about Ask Tony. Mashup features Doug perving out with Cat, Sassy Cassie, Tim, Iggy, Plowsy, Jesus Ortiz, JtL, Weezer, and Willie’s laughter.