Swope’s Picks: Episode 10 – The Rise of Plowboy

We flash back to March 2014…We meet the new board op Darin from up Peoria way…Darin enjoys youtubing videos of Cat at TJ Oshie’s apartment…Darin walks out mid-segment for a recreational…No one knows where he went…Still missing after 10min…Doug watches old men pull their pants down while peeing at urinals…What the hell is wrong with Darin’s voice…It’s like they’ve never heard a guy with a high weird lispy voice before…Darin used to smoke with Iggy at 590…Darin is not on Twitter yet…Darin does his best Duncan Keith impression “Wakey Wakey Backes”…Darin is now on Twitter as¬†@PeoriaPB @PeoriaPlowBoy…127 followers and the account is 10min old…Ladies love the Plowboy…Plowsy calls out Jason Schaeffer on the air, can’t wait to find pictures of this guy…@PeoriaPlowBoy with 1000 followers in first 24hrs…Plowboy’s gf has another gentleman in her Twitter profile pic…Nothing more gay than old guys giving lady advice to a Plowboy…Plowboy considering selling a testicle for 40 grand. We’re joined by Plowsy himself to discuss getting high during the workday and his current asking price for one of his balls. Mashup features Doug, Willie, Tim, Jeff Abelin, Stingray, Cat, Plowsy, Frank, Toni Lee, and Gaines.