St. Louis “Mr. Soccer” McDermott Believes MLS Stadium Vote Passes

Another aerial view rendering of the proposed SC STL stadium. This view to the West illustrates the front of the facility at Market and Union Station. Photo via HOK

St. Louis’ “Mr. Soccer,” Bill McDermott, who’s been involved with the ownership group attempting to build a soccer-specific stadium and bring an MLS team to the city, called into The Press Box on Wednesday to talk about the group’s campaign efforts ahead of Tuesday’s vote that will determine the fate of professional soccer in St. Louis.

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Read some excerpts and listen to the

What’s your gut feel on whether or not the soccer stadium vote passes?

“As opposed to two or three weeks ago when I wasn’t really getting a decent vibe, the places we’ve been speaking lately, and the places (we still have to go before the Election), and in particular tomorrow night at St. Raphael’s Parish beginning at 6:30…I think more people are getting the message and I have a much better feel for it. Yes, I think it’s going to pass.”

What have you all been doing grassroots-wise?

“Every night, somebody from St. Louis FC, somebody involved in the group…Even though it hasn’t been tremendously visible television and radio-wise, every night, some place, some where…there has been people speaking to groups everywhere in the city.”