Soccer stadium bill sponsor: Amended proposal “great deal for city”

Another aerial view rendering of the proposed SC STL stadium. This view to the West illustrates the front of the facility at Market and Union Station. Photo via HOK

The St. Louis Board of Aldermen Ways and Means Committee on Thursday passed a proposed soccer stadium bill, putting it one step closer to being on the city’s April ballot

The bill will now go in front of the full Board of Alderman, which will decide whether the proposal will go on the April ballot for a public vote.

The sponsor of the bill, St. Louis 6th Ward Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia, joined The Morning After on Friday to discuss the proposal passing committee and what it means for the stadium project.

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Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

What did you think was going to happen at the committee meeting?

“I was not super-confident going in (that we had the votes to get out of committee). So I really commend my colleague, Scott Ogilvie…he’s a smart municipal finance guy. I was really happy he threw out the entertainment tax piece. That was something we had tried to get (SC STL) to do, but they were not negotiating on that point. We were able to work (with SC STL and Ogilvie) to come to a compromise I think is a really great deal for the city.”

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What’s your sense of how the people will vote if it gets on the ballot?

“I definitely think when we negotiate and view the city as an asset…we’re passing along something to the voter I would consider voting for myself. I was not there before yesterday. This is going to bring in revenue to the city coffers…which is unlike any deal we’ve had for a stadium project in St. Louis to date. I’m pleased we have something we can put a much more positive spin on when we talk to our residents.”

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