SC STL lead investor Edgerley talks soccer stadium vote with Cusumano

Paul Edgerley is the lead investor of SC STL, the ownership group trying to build a downtown soccer stadium and bring an MLS expansion team to St. Louis.

Edgerley sat down with Frank Cusumano for an in-depth interview on SC STL’s efforts ahead of the soccer stadium vote on April 4.

Read a couple quotes and listen to the full interview here:

Why did you decide to get involved with a group trying to bring the MLS to St. Louis?

“I’ve had a chance to be a part of professional sports with the Boston Celtics and have seen what it does for the fans and the community. So when I heard there was the opportunity in St. Louis when the Rams decided to leave, it seemed like a place that deserved another professional sports team.”

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If the stadium vote passes, do you think the MLS is coming to St. Louis?

“Yes. I’m highly confident. We have worked really hard with the MLS. They love St. Louis. They recognize (St. Louis as the best soccer town in the United States). They want to be here. They love the location we have for the stadium. And they like the ownership group. If we get the vote, we will get the MLS. I’m that confident.”

How do you plan on trying to win the vote on April 4?

“We’re trying to do two things. One, we want to educate the overall voting base. We believe this is extraordinarily good for St. Louis. We think if people understand the economic impact and how it will help revitalize the St. Louis area, people will be supportive.

“And then we’re working very hard with our passionate base to make sure they show up for the vote. It’s contacting people one-on-one. I think we have 750 people who volunteered to help out. And so we’re trying to get people out knocking on doors, educating voters, and making sure those people who do love sports and love soccer know about it and understand this is really a unique opportunity. If we don’t get it this time, St. Louis may not have another opportunity.”