Ron Darling Talks Cardinals Topics, New Book on ’86 World Series

Former Mets pitcher Ron Darling recently released his new book entitled Game 7, 1986: Failure and Triumph in the the Biggest Game of My Life. He joined the Ryan Kelley Morning After to discuss his book and his thoughts on the Cardinals season thus far.

Read some excerpts and listen to the whole interview below:

Do you still hear from fans about the game in 86?

“The good thing about Cardinal fans they are 100% behind their team. They may not like the other team, I don’t know about the Cubs, but for us we have always been treated with respect in that town. It makes it one of the best baseball towns in the United States?”

What do you like about the Cardinals chances this year?

“They had their issue with the middle infield right off the bat and with Peralta getting hurt they didn’t know what to do. They acquired Tejada and he didn’t do much for you guys. Then of course Diaz has swung the bat as well as any one you could ask coming up. He’s pushed a couple of people out of position. Gyorko had a couple of good games, not great games and now you have Mark Feller down in the minor leagues because he hasn’t been able to play the way he knows. There has been a lot more terminal then usually seen with the Cardinals but every time I look them up in August or September they are playing meaningful games and I’m sure it will be the same way this year.”

On amphetamine use:

“The reason I talked about amphetamine use is because I’m sick of players my age always talking about how bad the game was when guys used performance enhancing drugs and that guys in my day played the game right. I got kind of sick of it, because it is not true. Guys my age used to try a lot of things to get an edge and that’s why I wrote about the amphetamine use.”