Ray Hartmann Talks Failed St. Louis MLS Stadium Vote, Peacock’s Comments

St. Louis Magazine and Donnybrook panelist, Ray Hartmann, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Wednesday to discuss the failed St. Louis MLS stadium vote.

Read some excerpts and listen to the complete discussion below:

Do you think the prospects of getting an MLS team in St. Louis is dead?

“The MLS…wasn’t requiring St. Louis to pass this vote. The local soccer guys (Commissioner Don Garber) was with, they viewed this vote as a referendum on whether St. Louis would support soccer. There’s a very big difference. The MLS wants a stadium at a certain level. They have said it’s the local group that’s either unable or unwilling to finance the stadium. The question becomes it is a good business decision for them? They have every right to say it isn’t.”

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“I hope they (do privately finance it). I’m naturally against public financing a stadium. But I’m not against them getting the normal economic development stuff that everyone else gets.”

On Dave Peacock saying people need to stop complaining from the sidelines and get their (butts) involved:

“He is not on the moral high-ground here. He doesn’t get to appoint himself king and tell everybody what they got to do to get his little projects work. They wasted $17 million public dollars in a completely hopeless deal (when they tried to get the Rams to stay in a city they wanted to leave). He doesn’t have the right to make anyone else feel guilty.”

“Having said that, I think it would be better to have a team (if they can have a way to use all the existing economic development tools to make it possible). But don’t be laying this at anyone’s doorstep.”