Show Segments

The Fight Doctor talks about Andre Ward, Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor, as well a GGG vs Canelo.

Public High League legend Pee-Wee Leonard talks about his time playing high school basketball and college ball with Domonique Wilkins at Georgia.

Alvin Reid, from the St. Louis American and Donny Brook, joins the show to talk abut Dexter Folwer, NBA Finals, and Bil Cosby.

Jeff Gordon (Gordo), from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch joins the show to talk about the Antlers of Mizzou and more local sports.

Maurice Scott, from the St. Louis American, joins the show to talk Mizzou sports, St. Louis University sports, and more.

Howard Balzer, NFL Hall of Fame voter, joins the show to talk about Colin Kaepernick and OTAs.

Assistant Athletic Director for Mizzou Howard Richards joins the show.

Brian McKenna, retired radio host, joins the show to talk about a wide variety of sports and life in general.

Attorney Scott Rosenblum joins the show to discuss legal matters involving  Tiger Woods, O.J Simpson, Leonard Little, and Aaron Hernandez.

The Fight Doctor joins the show to talk about recent/upcoming boxing fights, as well as, the  fight card for the Connor McGregor vs Floyd...