Show Segments

Joe Fresta talks everything from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Rams moving out of town.

Skip Weber talks about the hot streak of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Howard Richards, color commentator for Mizzou football, talks about mending the bridges betwwen Columbia and the inner city of St. Louis.

Adolphus Pruitt joins the show to explain the recent travel advisory in Missouri.

Hour 2 of the Charlie Tuna Show is full of a variety of sports topics.

Earnest Hart, a 4x Kickboxing World Champion, talks about his career as a kickboxer, his years training the St. Louis Rams, and his role...

Skip Weber of Weber Chevrolet joins the show to talk about the  St. Louis Cardinals season.

Former St. Louis Cardinals football Head Coach Jim Hanifan joins the show to talk about his time in the NFL.

Professor Sam Freedman of Columbia University joinsus to talk about politics in America.

Skip Weber of Weber Chevrelot joins the show to talk about the St. Louis Cardinals' trade options.