Show Segments

The crew discusses The Vice Network and more. Show wrap.

Bruce Butler is in Denver. An update on the MLS to St. Louis saga.


Dan Davis joins the show to discuss his company, ADK Wealth Advisory, and a trivia contest being presented by the Cup of Nations. ADK's website: http://www.discoverindependence.com/ Cup...

It's the STL United Show. Czar Schwarz, Edmundo, Super Ted and Professor Blyth are in-studio.    

The Czar and the Professor wrap-up the show.    

It’s the weekly Red Key Realty Report with Bruce Butler. Red Key Realty’s website: http://www.redkeystlouis.com/  


The Czar was en' fuego the other night on the basketball court. The guys discuss soccer, trivia and more.    

It's another STL United Saturday. Czar Schwarz, Professor Blyth and Super Ted are in-studio. The guys start off with a little soccer talk.