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Joe and John preview Summer Slam Preview Segment

Crack Slippers, Bloomin' Idiot of the Week and Show Wrap.

Did Joe get traded already?  Joe and Grover saw Green Day this past week. NFL Pre-Season is boring. Kevin Miller has arrived.  

Grover's Corner  

Will somebody buy Joe's pants. Can Chris "Bear" Gardner solve this problem? What are your eclipse plans? Joe might be wearing a dirty jock...

Joe talks it over with Jim Edmonds and Jason Isringhausen. Joe's concerned about his pants. We have rosters.  

It's Going Over with Joe Roderick and a tardy Andy Hansleman. The guys are broadcasting from CarShield Field, home of the River City Rascals. Today,...

Joe and John preview this year's WWE SummerSlam with Conrad Thompson, host of the the Something to Wrestle With and What Happened When podcasts...

Joe and John preview Summer Slam with Conrad Thompson.

Bloomin Idiot and Show Wrap.