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Katie Walsh calls in to discuss the Oscars, Crack Slippers, Fred's Top 5, Show Wrap.      

Dale Alcorn joining to discuss the Power of the Giraffe Event.

Grover's Corner

Freds sure thing.

Cardinal Spring training, Bleacher Report and Mark Cuban, Joe and Fred almost getting in a fight, Joe goes to a Diaper Party.

The guys are at the Pump House, Joe is a Golden Corral, Freds Trivia Night Experience, 70 was the winning score, old man Roderick.   The...

Crack Slippers, Fred's Top 5, Show Wrap.

The Cardinals are offering a new promotion to come up with a creative menu item for concession stands at Busch Stadium this year.

Grover's Corner

NHL.com's Blues' Correspondent Lou Korac joins the show to discuss the latest on the Kevin Shattenkirk situation.