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Bloomin Idiot Show Wrap.

Beat Writer Mark Bowman of MLB.com Braves joins the show.

Grovers Corner.

Andy has puns and an attempt at ruining Grovers corner has been made.  20 oz bone in rib eyes.

Discussing the Cardinals record and games to come.

It's Going Over! Joe Roderick and Andy Hanselman are broadcasting live from The Kitchen Sink.  Discussing Roster construction and how it has affected the Cardinals....

Andy DJ'ed a one-year-old's birthday party. Intern Fun Facts. Crack Slippers. Show Wrap.

Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated and MLB Network joins Joe & Andy to discuss the woes of the Cardinals, the NL Central and other...

Grover's Corner

NHL.com's St. Louis Blues Correspondent Lou Korac joins the program to discuss all the crazy happenings surrounding the local hockey team - including their...