Show Segments

Story Time & Show Close

The guys are joined by James Harrison of Hook’s Custom Calls. Hook’s Custom Calls: http://www.hookscalls.com/

Royal Peterson, of Missouri Hunting and Fishing Adventures, joins the show.

Garry Mason, Founder of the Legends of the Outdoors, joins the show. Legends of the Outdoors: http://www.legendsoftheoutdoors.com

News with the Vogler Vagler

Bobby Whitehead, Editor of the Outdoor Guide Magazine, joins the show with an update of how his turkey hunt is going. Later, Mark Strand,...

Some fun with audio: Uncle Ray takes us on a roost and a hunt.

The Vogler is Back!!! Uncle Ray, Peanut and Matty G are also in-tow. Ray lays out the show log.

Story Time and Show Close

Michael Wardlaw, the Events Manager for the Conservation Federation of Missouri, joins the Easter fun. For more information: http://www.confedmo.org