Show Segments

Story Time and Show Close.

Uncle Ray shares some of his hunting adventures and tips.

Uncle Ray offers safety tips and gives examples of how hunting is beneficial to the environment.

It's the Eye on the Outdoors' Veteran's Day Special. PLUS, it's the opening of firearm deer hunting season. In the first segment, Uncle Ray,...

Linda Powell of Mossberg phones-in to talk Uncle Ray. Show Close. Mossberg:

Chris Figge talks about the Water Fowl Heritage Dinner.

Uncle Ray & Vogler Vagler discuss chronic waste disease.

It's Eye on the Outdoors. Happy November. Uncle Ray, Vogler Vagler, Peanut and Matty G are in the bunker and ready for some #RadioMagic....

We've saved the scariest part of the show for the end: It's news with the Vogler Vagler. Later, the show close.

As our Halloween special continues, Uncle Ray visits with Missouri Gunsmith Murray Anderson of Anderson Services. For more information: