Producer Willie Gets Dumped at Starbucks

Brendan Marks, Thu, 14 Aug 2014 13:25:00 GMT

if you a regular listener to the ryan kelley morning after, you probably heard the show’s producer, willie springer, was in a relationship after months of trying his hand on tinder.

That was until the nameless woman called Willie to “have a talk.” She then asked to meet at Starbucks in the Central West End on Tuesday.

“The writing was on the wall, I’m thinking ‘why does she want to meet in public?'” Willie told The Morning After crew on Thursday. “She felt we were at the point of the relationship where we kind of pump the brakes or keep going.”

It turns out she didn’t like being talked about on air, Willie said.

Surprisingly, Tim, Jim and Doug showed a bit of compassion at the news, and it made for some touching morning radio.

You can hear the segment below:

Willie Springer tells heartfelt breakup story on The Morning After