PowerMizzou’s DeArmond Talks Missouri’s Chances of Landing Tilmon, Knox

East St. Louis basketball center Jeremiah Tilmon, Illinois’ top-ranked player according to 247 Sports, requested to be released from his National Letter of Intent to the University of Illinois on Wednesday.

PowerMizzou.com’s Gabe DeArmond joined The Press Box on Thursday to discuss what the implications of the move are for Missouri, which is considered by many the favorite to land Tilmon.

Read some quotes and listen to the full interview below:

Where do you think Jeremiah Tilmon is going to end up?

“It does happen sometimes that a kid asks out of a letter and ends up at the same school. Frankly, it’s kind of rare. When he says he wants to explore other opportunities, most people think the opportunity he most wants to explore is in Columbia, MO, and he can’t do that until he gets a release from Illinois. The only other school I really see as a logical participant here is Kansas, but most people would expect Mizzou is the leader at this point.”

Does Tilmon and Porter Jr. know eachother?

“I think Tilmon played a few games (with Porter Jr.’s AAU team). These elite level kids know eachother, they all play the same events, they run into eachother. I know Porter and some other people have probably put a bug in Tilmon’s ear, but I can’t say necessarily how close they are.”

On how Tilmon would fit into the Tigers’ system as a low-post player:

“I think the missing piece on this team and we’re jumping ahead of ourselves. The one thing you look at this team and think they still need is that guy in the middle. They don’t really have anybody inside.”

What do you make of Kevin Knox’s chance of signing at Mizzou?

“When I first heard Kevin Knox was going to visit, I didn’t even put anything on our message board. I thought (this was dumb and I’m not going to look like an idiot and put this out there). Now…they’ve got a legitimate chance here. From what I understand, one of the draws is (that if you have Porter Jr. on one wing and Knox on the other), you can’t really guard both. One of those guys is going to be going up against somebody who’s not the other team’s best defender. But I get it, you’re still going to look and see he has an offer from Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina. But I do think Missouri has a legitimate chance.”