Post-Dispatch’s Mike Faulk Talks “Remarkable” High Voter Turnout in Failed MLS Stadium Vote

Aerial view of the proposed SC STL stadium. Photo via HOK

St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Civic Watchdog” reporter Mike Faulk heavily covered ownership group SC STL’s efforts in building a downtown soccer stadium and bringing an MLS franchise to St. Louis.

Faulk joined The Morning After on Wednesday to discuss the failed soccer stadium vote and whether it’s the end of St. Louis’ chances of getting an MLS team.

Read some excerpts and listen to the complete discussion below:

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Were you surprised that Prop 1 (MetroLink expansion) passed but Prop 2 (the MLS stadium) did not?

“I think the biggest surprise for everyone was the voter turnout. The last mayor election in 2013, turnout was about 12 percent. Last night it was 30 percent. People are going to ask about that for a while. On the pro stadium side, they say they thought they needed to run a campaign that could get them over 20,000 votes. They got 27,000. They were not expecting that much turnout. It could be a sign of a new day in city politics. It could be the fact that there were a lot of high emotions from November 2016 that got involved. Turnout was higher than the March 7 primary when essentially the Mayor’s race was actually decided. It’s remarkable more people came out for this one.”

“Some would say that maybe Prop 1 did so well because of the soccer vote, because people voting soccer knew Prop 1 also had to pass. That could explain why that one won and did so well by double digits. I think the sense that it’s a vote people are going to be studying for a while.”