Show Segments

This week, Frank Cusumano celebrated his 25th year in St. Louis broadcasting. In honor of that, we booked a selection of his  favorite interview...

Tuna drops an unfortunate nugget regarding the effects of beer

Discussion regarding the NBA Playoffs with Strick and Tuns

Discussing the NHL Playoffs with Andy Strickland and Charlie Tuna

Cubby Bob joins to throw some shade towards the Cardinals

Rob Rains joins the show to discuss being inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and the Cardinals issues right now

Today's Opening Monologue includes thoughts regarding: Piscotty's bunt, the Cardinals offense and LeBron James

Future of SLU and Mizzou and the professional comparison to Jayson Tatum discussed to wrap the show

Bobby McCormack and Blake Ahearn join Frank Cusumano in studio for a basketball roundtable

Tom Verducci joins to discuss his book "The Cubs Way" and the national perspective on Mike Matheny as a manager

Is the cost of high school and college tuition too high? Listeners chime in with their student debt totals

Evidently, not everybody is buying the Rams claiming 'rain' as to why their stadium will be delayed for at least 1 year. Could this...

Today's Opening Monologue includes thoughts regarding: the greatness of Mike Leake, Carpenter's base running and athletes auctioning off their memorabilia

Handing COTD after an eventful day

Roger Moore passed away yesterday, is he the greatest James Bond? Bob Ramsey and Bill McDermott, our resident Bond Afficionados, join to debate

Steve Garvey joins to discuss coaching Bryce Harper when he was 15 and his playing career

Overall, which do you prefer, NHL Playoffs or NBA Playoffs?

Derrick Goold joins to discuss the Cardinals insistence on having 8 relievers, losing out on Luis Robert and

Today's Opening Monologue includes thoughts regarding: the greatness of Clayton Kershaw, the Cardinals offense has gone flat and favorite Bond

What would Frank be like if he owned a major sports franchise?