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OJ Simpson, Crack Slippers. Show Wrap.

Grover's Corner

Grover Quick Trip Stories, Patrico being mistaken for Grover, the Free Dotem Movement, Rock N' roll Half Marathon, Brett Wallace MLB Career and MLB...

Joe playing in celebrity all star game at the River City Rascals.

It's Going Over w/ Joe Roderick and Andy Hansleman. The guys are broadcasting from Belk Park Golf Course in Wood River. Breaking down last...

Joe and John are back at a different time to preview Battleground and talk about the current WWE.

Joe is playing in a "celebrity" softball game. Is Going Over engaging in #RadioWars with The Rizzuto Show and Brad Thompson? Crack Slippers. Show...

Grover's Corner

The guys recap Going Over's interview with Brian Kenny. Later, Joe updates everybody on his running workout is going.

Joe talks Cardinals' baseball, the MLB Trade Deadline, the Baseball Hall-of-Fame and more with MLB Network Host Brian Kenny.