Show Segments

Story Time & Show Close.

The lovely Linda Powell of Mossberg phones-in to discuss hunting with Uncle Ray Mossberg: http://www.mossberg.com/

Midwest Outdoors Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Mark Strand is on our little radio show to fill us in on what you can find in May’s edition...

Back by popular demand: More of Ray's Ramblings.

Stuart Ruehling of Indian Creek phones-in. Indian Creek’s website: http://indiancreekss.com/ or call 573-824-5555

Jim Anderson calls-in to promote Shady Lanes Cabins and gives the listening audience an update on how the recent floods in Missouri effected  him...

Billy "The Wildman River Rat" Smith checks-in with a River Report from the Ozarks.

It's the Eye on the Outdoors. It's raining, it's pouring, but the camp fire is still roaring. Uncle Ray, Peanut, Vogler Vagler and Matty...

Story Time & Show Close.

Garry Mason joins the show with an update on the 2017 Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Legends of the Outdoors: http://www.legendsoftheoutdoors.com/