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Story Time & Show Close.

Uncle Ray has some hunting stats and fun facts.

Vogler Vagler reads...or attempts to read... the news.

It's the Eye on the Outdoors' Pearl Harbor Special. Uncle Ray is in the bunker with Vogler Vagler, Peanut and Matty G riding shotgun....

Uncle Ray interviews Melissa Bachman, the cover girl of the November issue of Midwest Outdoors Magazine. Midwest Outdoors Magazine:

The Eye on the Outdoors crew salutes some of the greatest and most influential women in the world hunting and outdoors.

The Vogler Vagler reads some news and notes.

It's Eye on the Outdoors. Uncle Ray, Vogler Vagler, Peanut and Matty G are in the bunker. Today, we are going to show some...

Story Time & Show Close

The Vogler Vagler gives the news...or at least tries to.