P-D’s Frederickson talks St. Louis hearing on MLS stadium

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist and co-host of The Writers’ Block, Ben Frederickson, joined The Ryan Kelley Morning After to discuss a potpourri of St. Louis sports topics, including the latest on the MLS stadium project.

Read a couple excerpts and listen to the full interview below (starts about the 2:30 mark):

What do you think is going to happen with the MLS stadium bill at the Board of Aldermen committee hearing?

“It probably gets through to the Board of Alderman today…I think there’s been enough of a public outcry for the demand for a public vote, that hopefully it gets through. I think there should be a chance for people to vote on it. I’m maybe not too optimistic it passes if it gets to a public vote, but I believe that’s the best way for it. I think the Aldermen have done a good job of trying to toughen it up and ask for less public money. Hopefully it gets through today (and it eventually ends up on the April ballot).”

On how the situation has put a spotlight on the lack of unity between the city and county:

“This is just the way the city’s politics work. Anytime you have the city and there’s not going to be investment from the county, it makes these situations a lot more difficult. I think that’s maybe the biggest plus here, that it advances the ball on trying to get the county and city to move forward on some stuff together.”