P-D’s Ben Frederickson Discusses Blues’ Series Lead Over Wild, Cardinals’ Continued Struggles

St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist Ben Frederickson came on The Morning After Monday to discuss the Blues’ commanding 3-0 series lead over the Minnesota Wild. He also touched on the Cardinals’ continued issues following being swept at Yankees Stadium over the weekend.

Read some excerpts and listen to the full interview below:

On the Blues having a 3-0 over the Wild despite not always being the better team:

“It’s Jake Allen. He continues to be the hottest goaltender in hockey and the guys around him are doing enough to get a win on top of it. He’s been outstanding. The Wild were peppering him with shots in the zone again and he comes up with it. The only goal they scored had to ricochet off somebody…and he bounced back after that.”

“I also think (Mike Yeo) deserves a lot of credit for this. The team has played better since he took command and he obviously has a certain knowledge of the opponent here (that cannot be overlooked).”

Do you think the Wild can come back from being down 3-0?

“I don’t think so, especially with two of the next four being on the road. I think the Blues are going to win this one. You saw in the press conference…the coach is snapping at reporters. After the game, they look like a team that’s on the ropes. I think last night’s win was really big and I think they’ll be able to move on to the next round.”

Switching gears to the Cardinals…what do you make of the team after its 3-9 start?

“It’s getting tough. I don’t want to be that guy, but there are only three teams (since 1995) that have ended up making the season after a 3-9 start or worse. At some point, the hole they’re digging here (becomes a huge concern). You don’t write off a team after 12 games…but if they don’t go on a run soon, the record itself becomes another thing you have to combat.”