New The Morning After Caller Challenges Larry Nickel to WWE Trivia

Brendan Marks, Fri, 23 Jan 2015 20:41:00 GMT

wwe wrestling correspondent larry nickel has been involved with the ryan kelley morning after since august, 2011.

Since that fateful day he called into the show to correct Tim, Jim and Doug on a wrestling fact, Nickel has been a Morning After mainstay. He’s hosted WWE trivia events, interviewed WWE superstars, announced twink boxing matches and even writes columns for this website.

But someone is now challenging Larry’s stake as the CBS Sports 920 wrestling guru. His name is Natty Nate, and he called into The Ryan Kelley Morning After on Friday to make his presence known.

“I am a huge sports fan and I am also a huge wrestling fan. I would love to challenge Larry Nickel to a wrestling trivia,” Natty Nate said after calling in to the show.

Jim Hayes then vetted Natty by asking him a trivia question and Nate passed with flying colors. And like Nickel, Natty Nate’s favorite wrestler of all time is Hulk Hogan.

When asked if Larry Nickel was a role model, Nate said he’d like “to take a seat at the table.” He also said Larry “does a great job” and “he’s not going to downgrade him.”

So is Natty Nate really interested in a trivia match-up with Larry?

“I would love it, I would love it,” he said.

So there you have it. It seems it’s almost a matter of time before the triva showdown of the century happens. Of course, it’s all up to Larry.

Listen to the whole segment here:

New Caller Challenges Larry Nickel to WWE Trivia