Monday’s Show Synopsis……

Ben Boyd, Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:02:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis


Verizon Wireless is a new sponsor of Team 1380, and Cat is getting a phone and wireless card…..Cat wants a time machine though, and can’t wait to see the “can you hear me now” guy from the commercials.

Cat is sick of people always thinking Kansas City is going to be a great team, and the guys try to think of good players who left the Royals like, Jermaine Dye, Carlos Beltran, and Johnny Damon.

Tim is excited for his trip to Las Vegas…..Producer Joe was disappointed to learn that people voted on Friday’s exit poll that he would be arrested in Las Vegas because he hasn’t been arrested in a very long time……Cat’s wife beat him in poker, which really upset him…..She had a flush and “coffee-housed” him according to Doug….If Cat wasn’t so scared of her, he would’ve done something.

if anna kournikova wins, doug will hold her up in the air like he did last year…….he did it because he got paid…..she winked at him throughout the match, and she actually called doug night and day till he changed his number…..

Mike Shannon went nuts on Kansas City’s short stop in yesterday’s Cards game for dropping a pop fly because he wasn’t wearing baseball-issued sun glasses. When you sweat while wearing eye black, it makes you look crazy like Tammy Faye Baker.

Keith Law told Producer Joe he will “never come on the show again” because of how his interview went a couple weeks ago…..He said he felt he was treated unfairly. Cat wasn’t there for the interview, but Tim and Doug said they didn’t think the interview was bad at all.


Keon Lawrence is leaving Mizzou due to personal reasons……Coach Mike Anderson plays a style of basketball which needs depth because of their run n gun style……Losing him is a huge step backwards…..Coach Anderson hasn’t landed the type of recruits that who can turn the team around…..Mizzou basketball isn’t popular right now because people don’t know the players……Doug said an important piece of the puzzle is that Mizzou needs St. Louis kids on the team…..The caliber of players was better when Quinn Snyder was the coach……Cat said if the team plays well, it doesn’t matter where the players are from.

Joe Strauss:
Strauss said that the first time Mark Mulder comes in to pitch out of the bullpen will be interesting…..There was a chance for him to come in yesterday, but LaRussa didn’t want to bring him in while the game was so close. Joe doesn’t understand why Mulder is with the big league team…..Albert Pujols is the best right-handed hitter Joe has ever seen in person…..Ryan Ludwick has improved significantly in the past 2 games. Chris Duncan has also shown improvement lately with his swing…..Joe thinks it’s still game by game for Mitchell Boggs because he isn’t going real long in games, but he has good stuff and you have to give him more time……The Cards have serious problems in the bullpen with a lack of left-handers…..Its really hard to say who the Cardinals could get in a trade because it depends what they are willing to give up…..There is no real news on Adam Wainwright, and he isn’t scheduled to be back until after the All-Star break……Joe said maybe Jaime Garcia would be brought up as a left handed reliever instead of a trade…..The team has 15 guys on the DL including 8 pitchers……

The Cougars Next Door contest starts today on, with 37 year-old Tracy…..Cougar hunter Jake pulled a couple new recruits from when he went to the Trainwreck Saloon in Westport…..Cougars are all over the place at the Lake, and it’s easy to take your pick….His buddy took a girl below the deck of the boat they were on…..Jake gets $50 per gal he gets in the contest.


Producer Joe is sharing a room with Tim Pickett, and Tim is worried that Joe will be so drunk he will pound on the door of the wrong room yelling to be let in……Producer Joe’s buddy went into the wrong hotel room on spring break one year when he was drunk, took his clothes off, and got into bed naked with a couple kids. The kids’ dad came in beat the crap out of his friend.

Mitchell Boggs:
mitchell said he went deeper in the game saturday because he is pitching better. hopefully he can get a little more comfortable and pitch longer in games…..dave duncan has been working hard on his change-up with him…….it’s all about confidence when you throw a change-up or you’re just going to lob it up there……mitchell said that his start in boston was a big game for him, and he got his nerves out of the way pretty quickly. he said that the cards scoring so many runs early in the game really helped him …… for some reason think it’s hilarious if they yell “wade boggs” at him…. mitchell said that it is a lot easier to play with flying each time you go somewhere, instead of riding buses in the minors……the cards are giving him opportunities to pitch well, and all he can control is going out there and doing the best he can…..he will do whatever he can to help the team win….. tony wants him to take it day by day and come in and learn…..mitchell is from carpet country in georgia, and he would rather play on turf than make the turf……mitchell knows that the cubs are a huge rivalry and he is looking forward to an awesome time.

Leftover Riff Raff:
Doug chopped off his son’s finger that usually does the downloading of ring tones and increases his cell phone bill…..Tim’s lopsided head is his trademark—just like Cindy Crawford’s mole…..A birthmark is like a fern according to Doug……Tim’s cousin sent in 5 cds full of crappy music for the guys to use……Tim was thinking about treating Producer Joe to Cher in Las Vegas, but Cat said they should go see Wayne Newton……Doug has a couch called a Davenport……People feel like they need to go all night in Las Vegas so they overdose on Coke……Doug wouldn’t share a room with someone named “Big Grease”…….Doug guessed a song coming out of break today for the first time ever….. There are some nice looking groupies in Memphis……Sometimes when Cat flies with the team, he helps unload the luggage to help speed up the process so the guys get more rest……