Monday’s Show Synopsis…….

Ben Boyd, Mon, 23 Jun 2008 17:11:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis


Tim’s microphone is going to fall off, but he notices that the pictures of him on the wall of the studio have stuck a pin in his face…..Cat said that Big Z hates him…..Doug has a forensic kit in his car so they may just look for fingerprints…..Doug thinks it is a sign that Tim is going to get whacked….Tim has participated in freestyle raps like in 8 mile at Club Buca…..Doug can’t follow rhymes…..Cat said that all of Tim’s rapping is the same—“if you don’t like it then you can talk to my dad, my dad, my dad.”…..Steve Kline was released….Cat wonders if he is healthy and someone should give him a shot because his career numbers aren’t bad…..

tim mckernan woke up this morning and was depressed when he read on his website that george carlin had died. he was one of tim’s favorite comedians of all time……cat said last time he saw carlin, he was bloated…..doug enjoyed carlin’s work on thomas the tank engine tv show…..

Tim said he was shocked at what was in the game story of the Post-Dispatch after the game yesterday. Tim was surprised that Tony applauded the team after the loss because of how personally Tony takes losses…..Cat said he is surprised that Tony didn’t give the team cupcakes……The guys agree that it was one of the best games they’ve seen in a long time……Cat tipped his cap to all the great Jewish ballplayers in baseball……Tim said it is disappointing that the Cards were so close to sweeping the series yesterday because they have blown games in the late innings too many times this year……Tim has a tough time celebrating a loss…..The guys agree that if Albert Pujols was in the lineup, the Cards would probably win yesterday.

Ken Rosenthal:
Ken said that the Cards’ performance shows their unusual toughness……The starting pitching is the most impressive thing so far because of all the guys on the DL. A lot will depend on the health of the starting pitching but Ken thinks the Cards are in the race for the playoffs. However, anything can and will happen…..Ken doesn’t buy the strength of schedule argument because catching a good team who is slumping is better than facing a bad team who is hot…….Kyle Lohse has very good stuff, and over his last 6 starts its as good as it gets……JD Drew is well liked by the fans in Boston right now…..Cat said he always though Drew was a good guy, but a lot of people think he isn’t reaching his potential…..Jim Edmonds has awesome power to the opposite field, and Ken thinks Jim working on his batting stance has helped him bounce back with the Cubs. Jim Edmonds is a little of a different personality, but right now he is performing again. At one time, people were thinking of him as a potential hall of famer if he kept playing at a high level for a number of years.


Bryan Burwell:
burwell joined the guys to talk about his column about steven jackson……bryan thinks that everything steven said was true about fans selling tickets and some home games having the feel of away games…….burwell isn’t surprised about anything jackson says, and thinks that steven’s comments about the receivers not blocking is a little bit of a wake up call…….he doesn’t think a whole lot of people hate steven jackson but the fans who do are very vocal……tim said that they will take calls in the next segment, and they will see how many people hate him because he thinks a lot of people want him to just shut up and play…..doug thinks a lot of fans appreciate that jackson says what everybody is thinking, tim thinks a lot of people don’t appreciate what he says……. bryan said that a lot of people listen to the radio show, but only some people call in and those people are usually angry and they influence how people perceive the fans’ opinions. marc bulger said that sometimes he tries to come up with ways to make steven pissed off during the game because he plays so much better when he is mad…….cat said he thinks that st. louis needs a guy who is outspoken like jackson…….doug said it’s interesting that jackson has become a controversial figure when he is really a great guy, and marshall faulk was a saint even though he caused problems with the media, fathered many children out of wedlock, and wasn’t the greatest guy. bryan said that he thinks it’s because marshall didn’t say anything, and then tim asked why brett hull was so popular when he spoke his mind many times…..bryan believes it is because brett was a hockey player with blond hair and blue eyes, and the guys briefly talk about how racially charged the typical st. louis sports fan is…..doug said jackson’s not a gangster.

The guys took calls from fans about their thoughts on Steven Jackson’s comments for the rest of the hour.


NBC Sports’ Johnny Miller issued an apology Friday for what he said about Rocco Mediate looking like the guy who cleans Tiger Woods’ pool…….Middle aged white men who are Protestant and of Irish descent are wide open for criticism but you can’t make fun of anyone else because you would be called a racist…..Tim said that people can make fun of 30 something short guys who have misshaped heads and get away with it…..Cat thinks it’s more racist to take something that isn’t a big deal and to make it into an issue…….The guys wonder if you can get away with making fun of Asians……

John Davidson:
john said that it was really hard to trade jamal mayers. jamal was here a long time, very few athletes can say that. he has been extremely classy about the whole thing. it came down to two things: they knew that they needed another goaltender and the problem is that the free agent goaltenders the blues were looking at were resigning with their teams. chris mason will solidify the back-up goaltender situation. mason is a great guy in the locker room and community……the blues will have all their young players in town today for the development camp which starts tomorrow……davidson said that they feel like they will be successful with their two highly touted young players in erik johnson and alex pietrangelo ……he’s good in his own zone, can really skate, make plays with the puck moving it up to the forwards with quick passes. he is like a good quarterback who can find a different option to pass to if his first choice is covered……the blues will give him every shot to make the team this year, but john said he thinks he needs to build his upper body and put 25 pounds on his frame…….the blues had basil mcrae’s son rated higher on their board than where they got him. phillip has tremendous upside and they had their eye on him for quite some time. jake allen really came on this past winter and won the award for most valuable goaltender in europe at the world championships…..john said they are happy with their draft. they tried to move up to have another top 10 pick in the first round to grab chris beach who went to chicago but it didn’t work out……….in free agency, the blues are going to look at their needs and see if they can make an intelligent move to help the team……..davidson said they could trade their young players and make the playoffs this year, but they wouldn’t win the stanley cup so they would rather be patient and play with the young kids and get better each year with the goal of winning the stanley cup. they will try to make the playoffs this year, but they won’t do anything drastic to make them.

Leftover Riff Raff:
The phrase “boss” was popular in the “19 and 70s”……Cat had to break down the door to Martin’s basement one time to free the children……You don’t show a rabbit’s naughty bits on TV……The Communards are the perfect soundtrack for the show today…….Tim bets that the more popular topic today will be the Steven Jackson story instead of the Cardinals…… Doug busted Cat’s balls for not knowing much about technology and YouTube. …..A caller said that no matter what the Cat says, he is the greatest….Tim wondered who is putting tack hole in this pictures on the wall in the studio……Ronnie Belliard’s family was more excited to see Larry Walker than Ronnie Belliard…….Doug asked if the Blues can trade Pietrangelo because no one knows how to pronounce his name……