Monday’s Show Synopsis……..

Ben Boyd, Mon, 16 Jun 2008 16:01:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis


Tony LaRussa and Jose Oquendo were thrown out Friday night in the Cardinals loss to the Phillies. Russ Springer was immediately tossed after hitting Ryan Howard, and Tony went berserk. Then the Phillies threw behind Brendan Ryan and no one was ejected so Oquendo went nuts and got thrown out…..The Cards got outscored by 16 runs in this series, but still won the series…..Kansas City is coming to town next which means Joel Goldberg is coming with his meaty fingers. When Joel first came to FSN, they had to make a special mic “shaft” for him because he couldn’t hold a normal microphone….Cat said usually the Royals have a little success in the beginning of the year and everyone says the Royals have some good young players, but after a month they are garbage.

The US Open was unbelievable television.

Girls really dug Peter Frampton’s style…..His music reminded Doug of his college days when he drank bong water. Tim said that the bitches dug his style…..Doug is off from TV today, and he will watch the US Open today if he has a chance, but he has to go to a funeral…..Tim is going to have to watch the US Open at 3pm, and doesn’t want anyone to tell him the results before he sees it…..Kosher potato salad is God’s potato salad…..Doug will be the 70 year-old man in the diner complaining about the soup. “Ahh it’s too cold; send it back!”…..

cat is growing all kinds of hair all over……doug said if jason larue can shave his legs, cat can shave his arms so they don’t have to see all his hair…..doug has no hormones so he doesn’t have any hair growing all over….cat said he has a 5 o’clock shadow 20 minutes after he shaves….the guys think doug should interview larussa with a channel 4 halter top on.

Cat doesn’t want laser hair removal because he thinks it would be a waste of time because he isn’t doing a photo shoot…..Who would be in a calendar titled “Jews of St. Louis?” Skip Irwin, Jason Marquis, Dave Greene, and the Cat are the only people they can think of…..Cat pictures Dave wearing a singlet and himself on a lounge with 2 cupcakes wearing a fireman’s hat…..


The guys agree that the US Open playoff will be very exciting today…..Doug wonders if Tiger feels pressure to win like the guys who play against him feel pressure to beat him…..The guys think Tiger is the best golfer who ever lived already even though he hasn’t won 18 majors like Jack Nicklaus yet.

tim russert is one guy who can’t be replaced…..bruce springsteen dedicated his concert to russert… cronkite should still be the cbs news anchor according to doug….. tim said he is sincerely down about it……the guys think his death is bothersome to people because he was so likeable, and the death was out of nowhere…..doug said he misses jack buck a lot and he still misses johnny carson every night.

Joe Strauss:
Joe said that poker is more important than this show…..Cat said “someone” had a very nice win on the road…..Yadi was expected to be released this morning. Joe thinks there will have to be a move to bring up a catcher from Memphis, and it will probably be Mark Johnson…..Todd Wellemeyer might miss a start Thursday, so the guys talk about who may start, and Joe said that Mark Mulder won’t be the guy. Tony LaRussa said Mulder needs one more start before he pitches in the majors…..Anytime you have a catcher hurt and don’t put him on the DL, it creates a lot of problems because you have to add someone to the 40 day roster…….Before Mark Mulder was dropping hints that he was done, and that if he had to have surgery, he was going to walk away. Now Joe thinks that Mulder will start at least a couple times for the Cardinals since Mark has changed his delivery and has new confidence……He’s had this makeover in less than a month, so it’s hard to say how effective he will be. It’s one thing to change your delivery and be successful in Springfield or Memphis and be effective in the big leagues…..Joe thinks that Tony doesn’t want to put Izzy in any tough situations yet……Joe said it’s not good that Chris Carpenter suffered a setback. Joe said he was surprised that Carpenter was throwing as hard as he was when he first started throwing, but it seemed like the team and Carp thought he as fine. Joe said he thinks Carp will be ready for spring training next season, but he is wondering if Carp will be able to come back in 2008…..Flores is kind of lost mechanically right now, and the team needs him to pitch well right now because of the situation in the bullpen…..Anthony Reyes pitched very well yesterday, but all that matters is how the Club views the performance……Joe thinks the Cubs are the best team in the league, but people shouldn’t worry about winning the division because the Cards are first in the Wild Card by 4 games. Once you get to the Playoffs it doesn’t matter how many games the Cubs win. To be 8-0-1 in the last 9 series with all the stuff they have dealt with, that’s impressive. You cannot deny what the Cardinals are doing, and they are playing for each other and buying into what Tony is saying, which is huge.

Tim said one time there was a dog in his garage, and he freaked out….. A big problem in North County is big packs of dogs roaming free…..Doug’s neighbors found a 5 foot black snake next to his house and they kept it as a pet….Doug is deathly afraid of snakes….Jim said he’d rather find a snake than a raccoon….


The Royals series would be a good time to get the beret thing done…..Doug said that Producer Joe should wear a beret to take people’s attention off of Joel Goldberg’s meaty fingers……There are no day games for a while because of the summer heat…..All Cat wants to see is Joe walk in with a beret and a recorder.

Doug said he watched the NBA game last night to see the referees are cheating…..There is a new theory on that the only reason the 7 game series is 2-3-2 in terms of home games, is so the series goes at least 6 games…..It would be really hard to beat the Celtics in Boston……Buzz Bissenger was at the Cards’ game yesterday.

Kyle Lohse was supposed to join the show but didn’t answer so the guys have time to talk about St. Gabriel’s picnic…..Producer Joe is an outsider, but he liked the picnic. He lost $15 playing Chuck-a-Luck….He found a new way to eat a hot dog because they ran out of hotdog buns. They gave him a hamburger bun so he cut the hotdog in half and put some cheese on it…..They ran out of beer at 9pm which ticked off Tim….Tim’s mom thought they ran out of beer to keep people from drinking too late at night….Producer Joe became great friends with the neighbors and came back with a cigar. Joe wasn’t drunk till about 1am…..

hurricane mark is about 45-46 and he follows the hurricane ride around at different school picnics and rides it all day….hurricane mark lived behind tim and used to bring his mom a pineapple every year for her birthday. the pineapple was from schnucks and he would stand there and say “the friendliest stores in town.”

Cat loves going to high end clubs, and his favorite is Plush, which is the new club that opened next to Lush…..Doug said that Cat loves to dance.

Leftover Riff Raff:

By the end of the game Friday night, Calvin May was in charge in the dugout…..Tiger’s Buick minivan is already paid off……Tim is concerned about his own gender so he has to talk about Bruce Springsteen pulling “a guy” up on stage with him when it was really Courtney Cox……Tim bet $1 on Chuck-a-Luck, won, and shut it down…..They shut down Wet Willie’s water park a long time ago……Doug said you really can’t beat Lemay as the hoosier capital….Cat said that the chat session was better than having Kyle Lohse join the show……Cat said if you put ketchup on a hotdog you would stab a friend in the back.