Monday’s Show Synopsis………

Ben Boyd, Mon, 09 Jun 2008 17:39:00 GMT

Monday's Show Synopsis

Tim didn’t realize that Cat would be back today, but it was a short road trip because channel 5 had the game yesterday and the day off today. Cat will be going to Cincinnati though for this weeks’ trip…..A few girls Friday night at the festivities referred to Doug as Sean Connery.

Cat ate 12 tacos yesterday, and he thinks that is his wheelhouse. Each taco was the same in terms of size and filling. Cat isn’t usually hungry during the show, and he said that …….Doug had linguine with salmon and sword fish over the weekend and he got free dessert because the owner of the restaurant said he loved the show.

Producer Joe woke up Saturday and realized he didn’t do anything too stupid Friday night so he considered it a victory, even though there is a picture of him with his head down, which according to him, wasn’t an accurate depiction of the night…..Doug kept calling him Stetson, and Joe would immediately flip him off even if he didn’t lift his head or open his eyes.

anna kournikova will play tennis for the aces again this year, and the guys wonder how tall she is. doug looks her up and it says she is 5’8”…..when she was here last year everyone treated her like a queen.

The Cardinals made all the rookies sing on the flight from Washington to Houston. Brendan Ryan tried to get out of it because he has “too many at bats to still be considered a rookie,” but they still made him do it…..The guys try to figure out which team leader set it up…..Joe Mather rapped, and Ryan said that he was the worst over…..Adam Wainwright will be evaluated today, and Al Hrbosky had the same type of injury before and said it shouldn’t keep Wainwright out for long.…..If Kyle McClellan is moved into the rotation everyone will fight to be the one to drive the beverage cat out to the bullpen. …….Anthony Reyes seems to be destined to stay in the Minors because he struggles in the big leagues and the Cards are trying to improve his trade value. …..The Cards have blown a few games this year in the same manner that they won yesterday.

Cat’s fraternity brothers used to fight over who would throw chicken Parmesian sandwiches out of a car and then shoot them with a skeet shooter.

Derrick Goold:

Derrick said that Kyle McClellan needs to build his arm strength if he is going to be a starter. He has been a reliever for awhile since having a couple elbow surgeries in the minors…..The Cards dilemma is that they have an immediate need for a starter, but they are hoping they get good news about Adam Wainwright today…..Mitchell Boggs will likely start Thursday….The other reason to possibly make McClellan a starter is because Jason Isringhausen will be coming back soon as closer, which would make Ryan Franklin the 8th inning guy and Chris Perez the 7th inning guy. If that happens they don’t really want to move McClellan down to the minors…..Goold thinks Franklin has done quite well in the closer role especially how he was put in the situation. Springer was joking with Franklin that when he was an 8th inning guy he was a ground ball pitcher, but yesterday he struck out the side……Brad Thompson is going to make an appearance at AAA today and start a rehab assignment……Mark Mulder will try anything, including changing his arm slot, to keep from having to retire….Need may force Anthony Reyes to return to St. Louis, but it seems like the Cardinals are looking for the right deal to move him while he is in the minors….Derrick thinks Anthony Reyes has been an enigma in the major leagues. He has always pitched well at the AAA level, but he hasn’t shown that he can be reliable in the majors. We all believe he has the talent to be a successful starter, and it is confusing that he can’t make it click…..Jaime Garcia is a lefty and is one of the Cards’ best starting prospects in the minors…..The Cardinals have a lot more players in the minors who could be used as trade bait this year than in the past.

tim would like to see the cards give reyes a shot, but realizes they want him to keep pitching well so they can trade him….doug wonders if he should be in the majors because everyone knows he can pitch well in the minors, but other teams probably want to know if he can pitch well in the majors before they trade for him.

Supposedly Colorado is in the mode to dump salaries, but Cat can’t imagine that they would trade Matt Holliday….Doug said it would make more sense

Rich Gould on the Fan show called the Arch Rival roller derby girls terrible when they tried to hula hoop……the guys talk the Cat into hitting Mitchell Boggs with a pie in the face on FSN to get that going with the Cardinals…….Cat said his brother was in a press box before and Howard Cosell walked in, sat down, looked at the media guys in there and said “Human Garbage.”

Todd Wellemeyer:
todd said the guys can call him a friend of the show…..he was on his way to see the doctor as they spoke……there was never a bicep problem, but todd said he doesn’t really understand what the doctor said anyway because the doctor started using big words and todd was distracted by the pitchers on the wall…….todd feels that his elbow is getting a lot better and he can bend his elbow with no discomfort while talking on the phone……todd thinks he’ll throw a side tomorrow and if it feels good he’ll throw on thursday or friday……he said he doesn’t like not being with the team while they are on the road……the guys ask about possibly being selected for the all-star game, and he is just interested in the home run derby, and wanted to know if the guys think he could compete in that instead of playing in the game……todd went to the dave matthews band concert saturday night at busch stadium…..todd kicked brendan ryan out of his place because he had much more important people coming in town. if ryan was a pitcher it would be different and brendan’s fellow infielders need to look out for him. todd is flying to kentucky today to see his dog and the guys ask if the dog hasn’t been let out for months…..when ryan lived with wellemeyer, he didn’t have a towel or toothpaste.

Jeff Luhnow:
Mini-camp starting today…. Draft pick Johnny Bravo stuck out to Cat because of his name…..Friday night, Jeff got together all the scouts and discussed what they would offer each pick, and they started calling picks and got contracts already signed so they will have 15 picks in camp……The Cards had their eye on Brett Wallace in high school, and he really played well in college….He has one of the best bats Luhnow has seen in all of his years of scouting. The question is where he will play because it’s important he can play a different position than Albert….He has power to all fields; he works deep into counts and waits for his pitch….He only has 9% body fat even though he looks like he would have a lot more than that. He can surprisingly run and even stole some bases…… The Cards aren’t sure when their pick from the Naval Academy will be allowed to play, but they didn’t want to pass on him because he is very talented….Jeff is really happy with where the Cards’ minor league system is right now, and he said they are doing their job when players like Chris Perez and Mitchell Boggs can be called up and play in the big leagues…..Pete Kozma has really played well this year after being the Cards’ first draft pick last year, and may be promoted before the end of the year……

Leftover Riff Raff:
Cat worries everyday that Doug can’t dress himself and get to work…….Cat likes to see comedians when he is in Vegas……Cat will choke Tim out if he talks over the Al Stewart music coming out of break….. Aaron Miles has a binary watch…….. LaRussa had shaving cream on his face in his post-game interview last night, and Doug wants to know if he has a mirror or if he doesn’t have a towel like Brendan Ryan……Jim says you should use a public bathroom if you need to and Doug says only in emergency situations…..Cougar hunter needs to change his name to Dalton…..Jack Snow was an “air dryer.”